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Feb 28, 2003
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:tab Please take a few minutes to read this entire post. We want to enforce a specific posting format so the information here is presented in a consistent manner. Doing so will make searches work easier and more efficiently. Posts not conforming to the required format will be moved to the General forum with a request for reformatting. If your post is moved, please take a few minutes to resubmit it in the correct format. We don't have time to reformat everyone's incorrect posts.

Before posting about a place, please do a few searches to make sure it has not already been added to the database.

Below is the format for posting to this forum:
For the subject line of the topic, please include only the name of the place, city and state of the restaurant: ie;

:tab James Coney Island, Houston, Tx.
:tab The Blue Goose, Dallas, Tx.

Please do not abbreivate the city names. This will make searches work better. Include the state because we are sure we'll be including places from other states as well.

What:General description of restaurant include pictures if you like. Only the first two lines of text or so will appear on the linked page. Therefore, pick your opening sentence carefully to entice readers to view the full message.

Where: Full name of location, including address and phone number if applicable.

Directions:How do we get there from familiar roads: ie; freeways, highways, etc,... Include map image if you have one.

Here's an example:
Subject line of post
King's Cafe, Montgomery, Tx.

What: An excellent cafe set in a historic small Texas town. Great burgers and very friendly wait staff. Very popular with Houston area riders and conveniently located next to some fun riding roads. They have a large covered patio deck behind the cafe. Sixteen flavors of Blue Bell ice cream are available for deserts :D The grilled cheese sandwhiches are superb and the fries crisp and hot. The owners and staff are very biker friendly!



King's Cafe
214 Liberty St.
Montgomery, Texas 77356
(936) 597-6028

Directions:From I-45 in Conroe, head due West on Hwy 105 to Montgomery. At the intersection of FM 149 and Hwy 105, head North a block or so and it is on the right. Parking in the front, side and rear.

Images in the Posts
:tab We encourage you to include images in your posts. If you do so by way of the IMG tags, please be sure to limit the width of the image to 500 pixels or less. If you want to include larger images, please do so by using the URL tag to link to the images. Included images larger than 500 width will be converted to URL links and the original poster will be notified so they can resize the images if they so desire. The post will not be moved for including images larger than 500 pixels in width.

Comments on Posts
:tab If you want to comment on a place someone has already posted, DO NOT USE A NEW TOPIC TO DO IT. Please be sure to make your comment a REPLY. Off topic replies will be moved to a relevant forum if possible. Our intent is to keep this forum chatter free. It is to be used as a searchable database for users planning rides and trips.

Cross Forum Posting
:tab In some cases, the post may be appropriate for more than one forum. Our example could easily fit in the Hangouts section and the Eateries Section. Thus we would like to see the post repeated in each forum. This only takes a few seconds as the body of the post can be cut and paste into the second post, leaving only the subject line to be retyped each time.

:tab If you have any questions, please post them in the Forum Administration Section in the Questions/Help forum.