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Elijah Seybold


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Aug 15, 2006
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Young gentleman from Garland area in bike accident. I do NOT know him but we need to lift him and family up in prayers.

First paragraph is update to original post.

"Update: As of right now his brain is swelling and putting pressure on the unharmed side. Basically, if he gets any worse it's highly likely he'll lose any quality of life. If he makes small progress in the next few days he'll probably require lifelong care. Things look bleak but he was a strong person so we'll have to wait and see for now. As always prayers are appreciated especially for his 2 small daughters.

Hello guys, this is Elijah's wife. He was in an accident on one of his bikes this morning. He sustained a head injury and broken bone but unsure of any more details. He is currently in the neurological ICU. He has always spoken very fondly of the guys he's met out on rides and this has been a big part of his life lately. Any thoughts and prayers at this time would be greatly appreciated.

Bless you"

From his wife.