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FM 336, TX

Mar 2, 2003
Round Rock
Fm 336, Tx

What: FM 336 is one of the three famed "Holy Trinity" moto-roads in the Texas hill country. It was voted the #10 best road in the 2003 Ride Texas magazine's readers' poll.

The road surface is consistently good, although there are a number of cattle grates along the route.

Cattle grates, of course, mean cattle, occasionally roaming a bit close to the road, so use caution on the flat spots.

As with its sister road, FM-335, this road is a north-to-south route, with pretty much flat, straight runs on a plateau on the northern end, and some twisty bits to the south. There's a bit more ranchland, IMHO, and therefore slightly more straight sections amongst the twisties than 335, but all in all, it's still a great road in the midst of Nowhere. :D

Where: FM 336 is in the Texas hill country, running from just north of Leakey (off of SR 83) up to SR 41.

Designation: Farm-to-Market (FM) or maybe Ranch Road (RR) 336

Roll the vid, Bubba:
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Additional details from grandpaul here.
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:chug: I wathched the video clip. THANK YOU!!!! :mrgreen: :hail That was awesome. I felt as if I was on the bike with you.
Jun 14, 2004
New Braunfels
I took 336 and 335 1st time a few weeks ago. Before I would just take 337 back the same way I came.
335 is just as fun or better than 337 No flaws in the road but there is the possibility of rocks on the road. I passed a group pulled over to the side and an FJ1300 hit a rock in the road and it sprung a leak on his tire. Good thing he wasn't by himself!
I'm not sure if 336 has been in this condition very long but it looks like they cleared brush with heavy equipment on both sides of the road. There was plenty of loose gravel and dirt and along with the cattle guards it definately slowed my pace down. That's the great thing about the 33X roads, they are a hoot at any speeds :bow: . Make sure your bike is in tip top shape before you head out because you don't want to be stuck in BFE - it might be awhile before you see someone or a few hours easy for someone to come get you!
Oct 13, 2004
Spring , TX
I like those roads out there too. I'm glad to hear the other guy wasn't riding alone. I don't know about your guys cell phone but mine doesn't have service out there so if your alone out there it could be a long wait on someone coming by or walk either would suck.

Jul 2, 2004
Spring Branch Hou, Tex
I rode 336 last weekend and I felt it was one of my favorite of all the roads out there that I rode. If it didnt have the cattle guards on it, it would be even better. I rode it the last day in an attempt to get a few roads in before I left at noon. :-D Gotta be a better way than to have those cattle guards on it though. :-?