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Fort Spunky, TX

Apr 1, 2007
Terlingua Tx
Re-post from the proposal thread.....

I took some time off to go looking for a ghost town that had caught my attention a while back. Fort Spunky was originally Barnardville, and was never actually a fort. Settled by George and Charles Barnard in partnership with the Torrey brothers and Sam Houston, Barnardville and a neighboring community named George's Creek prospered for a while as trading posts on the Brazos River. It was hoped that the commerce would improve relations with the local Indians.

By the mid 1850s all of the Indians had been relocated to Fort Belknap and the trading posts declined. It acquired the name Fort Spunky because of the fistfights that broke out in town quite frequently.

A post office was opened in 1886, but by 1900 population had declined to about forty people. As of 2000 it was reported that as many as 14 people might still have been at Fort Spunky, but today I saw that a sand company has begun mining the spot.

All that is left is one lone windmill and a dilapidated barn that seems to be hiding behind some giant Mesquite trees. A fence and some no trespassing signs kept me from exploring the barn like I wanted to.

Fort Spunky is (was) in south Hood County, on Farm Road 2174 between CR 325 and CR 326. The barn is down CR 326, but in sight of the intersection of the farm road. Its GPS coordinates are 32.326549° lat and -97.650325° lon.