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Friends,Superbikes and great Music!

Dec 10, 2003
The Republic of Texas
Rita and i headed to Birmingham on Thursday and got there before noon on friday! We had a busy weekend scheduled.
Our Buddy Buz hooked us up as always.. When we arrived at the Hilton There were 2 lawn chairs waiting with our name on them. After going out and seting up our spots for the weekend and watching the practice, we headed back for a shower and dinner with Buz and his bride Pat. Dinner was great!
Saturday am we were back to the track!
We visited with Brian West and his buddy Randy Kienast from Dallas! These are two great guys. They run in the Superstock class. One very tough class. They are independent with little sponsership. They quilified and then finish 13,14
The weekend before we whatched as they ran 1.44 laps at TWS ( the record is around 1.37.
Saturday night we went to see our friend Will Hoge at the Work Plat Theater.What a show!! ( It was Ritas first ride in a Limo )
Sunday back to Barber and lots of great racing and a few autographs... Monday we left Birmingham at just past 05:30 and arrived about 3:00pm.
Not bad for an old fart.....

PS Our Buddy Buzz also got us VIP all access passes!!! You rock Buzz


Jun 26, 2003
Huntsville, Tx
Sounds like ya'll had a blast. You forgot to mention hanging out w/ the Hayden parents. It's great to have friends like Buzz & Pat. They were very gracious to us in N.C.