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FS: Alpinestars Jacket, Sidi Boots, BMW Savannah Jacket, Spidi Leathers

Nov 11, 2006
Out Standing in the Field
So I sold my sportbike and realized I've accumulated a lot of stuff that I don't use anymore and haven't used in a long time. All high-end gear, I always figured it was worth a few extra dollars to have stuff that would last. I could discount some $ if you want to pick up in Boerne. For comparison, I'm 6'3" and my weight ranges from 200-215.
These Sidi's are flawless. I wore them on day rides, never on trips. They're perforated and the perforation actually does work. There's every adjustment you can imagine on these boots to fit them to your foot. Size 48Euro. Toe sliders are Not scuffed, Never rained on or in. I'm going to say $200 shipped CONUS PP F&F.

BMW Savannah-2 Jacket. Summer Jacket. Worn it on weekends for one summer and I went back to my Rallye. Almost perfect condition, even the leather in the collar is perfect and that's usually the first thing to degrade on these type jackets. Size 46/56. Has shoulder/elbow/back armor. $225 Shipped CONUS PP F&F.

Spidi leather racing suit. All body armor intact. Note the crash abrasions. Nothing was torn, but this is where I had the epaulets sewn on. I always thought the TLD flag on the back with the Texas flag upside down was curious. I'm 6'3" and used this when my weight ranged from 195 to 215. Size 56. $250 shipped CONUS PP F&F.

Alpinestars Perforated jacket with liner. Two things for full disclosure, the white Alpinestars lettering on the shoulder is a little yellowed and on the cuff, I accidentally cut the material about one inch from the zipper while trying to get the zipper unstuck from my shirt sleeve. I then wore the jacket for another two years on weekend on rides and it has never gotten any worse. Comes with the liner. ($600 jacket when new.) Size 46/56. $175 shipped CONUS PP F&F.