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FS: Helmet Liner Protectors XL Silky & Lite Cotton...+ Frogg Toggs Pro Action Rainsuit LG

Mar 5, 2008
Where the road leads ya.... Or Waco
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I have 2 brand new XL helmet liners by Cycle Crafts. I was unsure of my size so bought both LG & XL sizes in the Silky (double layer) & the Cotton (single layer).
The XL shows to fit heads fron 24.25" to 25" dia above ears.
These liners are different in shape to many others...covering the ears completely...like a helmet. I tried the others (cap style) & found them uncomfortable.

They may look a bit nerdy...but they work...keeping the foam liner in your helmet(s) in good condition for a loooog time... (my Shoei from 2000 in particular)

Silky liner $14.95
Cotton liner $9.95

Should be able to mail for $1.50-1.75ea



Also...a 2pc Frogg Toggs Pro Action rainsuit sz LG in blue. Has built in hood
In great condition with little use if any.
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