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Gold Wing Exploring

I hope that Stubb's can find the keys for the yellow GW. Stopped by yesterday and stood around 15 minutes while they all roamed around like chickens with their heads cut off. Walked out without them producing keys. I was just a tiny bit irritated. The sales person I talked to said almost immediately "do not try to negotiate because we cannot on this one because we are loosing money at this price". I call BS. Anyway, I hate motorcycle dealerships.

The blue one here in the Houston area...we are going to look at it Sunday afternoon.

WIll update once we look at it.
Went to Richmond, TX today and looked at a 2012 Goldwing. It was the blue one wiht the awesome Russell Seat. We are interested....pricing now comes into consideration.

We are definitely interested. Let me know if you have any questions.
Sorry, none. Looked at 1 in Richmond a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful GW, seller wants way too much for it, but I understand his logic.

Got the flu the next day after looking at it and was out of commission for a week.

This week was a bad week...work and a very close friend of ours passed 100% unexpectedly. He and his partner had gotten married earlier this year and less than 3 months ago purchased their first house together. I am still trying to fully process his death.

The next 6 weeks will be nuts with the the business restructuring effective Jan 1 and possibly a new position for me....well i just hope I still have a job after Jan 2. I just need until December 21, 2025...then I can retire.

Thanks for asking Rod.
Darrell, I'm sorry for your loss. His partner must be devastated, especially after having just gotten married and buying a house together.