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How to create Custom POI's for GARMIN

Oct 26, 2010
Bandera, TX USA
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I'm in need of some expert (or most any) advise on How to create custom points of interest POI for use in a Garmin GPS.
I understand that you need the free garmin POI uploader to get them onto the device, which I have, but how do I create the poi in the first place.

Maybe a little background on my project. I'm wanting to visit all the state parks in Texas. Not all at one time but over the coarse of the year or maybe two.
To accomplish this I was thinking I could create a file of custom POI's. 1 for each state park. That way they would always be handy on my gps and I wouldn't need to keep checking my list and maps.

I haven't been able to find out how to do this. I have the coordinates for each park. I just need to get them into a format the POI Uploader will accept.

Any suggestion ?????????:giveup:


May 20, 2004
Austin, TX
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Well, first check out:http://www.poi-factory.com/ and see if they already have a Texas parks POI file. That might save you some work.

Basically you create a .csv (comma separated value) file with the name, lat and long of the poi. One per line. Easiest to do in Excel or some spreadsheet software and then Save As a .csv format. Or you can create a .gpx file. In the Mapsource days, I'd just create waypoints, for all the POI's and save as a .gpx. I haven't tried that in Basecamp, but it should be the same process.

Once you have the file, just connect the GPS to the computer and fire up the poi loader program and follow the on screen instructions.