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How to link to images so you can include them in your messages


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The first thing is to understand that there is a difference between UPLOADING images and LINKING to images. You would typically upload images if they are sitting on the hard drive of your computer or they are on your phone. Instructions for doing that are here. You would link to images if they are already sitting on the net somewhere like Smugmugg.com or some other image hosting service.

Linking to hosted images is very easy, especially if your hosting service has a "Share" section that already has a BBCode option. You would just cut and paste the link here. It would look something like this,


The thing to remember with MOST, but not all, hosting companies is that you need to link to the actual image. If your link does not end with a filename that has a graphics extension like jpg, bmp, png, etc,... then it may not work.

If your hosting company does not have a share link with the BBCode tags already in place, it's no big deal. Just add them manually. Cut and paste the link for the image in your message and stick the IMG and /IMG tags on each end of the link, just like in the example above. Just repeat that for each image you want to include in your post. Placing the line of code wherever you want it to appear in your text.

You can use the Preview button to see how it will look. If you are not already in the full message editor, you might see a button in the lower right corner of the editing area where you are that says, More options. This takes you to the full editor and you can hit the Preview button there. In either place, you can hit the round gear looking icon on the far right at the top of the editing box where all the other options are located.


This toggles back and forth between BBCode mode and full text mode. In BBCode mode, you will see all the tags and links. In full text mode, you will see the actual images. You can toggle back and forth all you like. Once you are done and satisfied with how everything looks, just hit the "Post thread" button and you are done!

There is no need to worry about how big your images might be. As soon as your post is created, the images will be converted to attachments and resized so that they are no larger than 1600 X 1600. Also, once they are converted to an attachment, there is no need to ever worry about your links going bad if your hosting service goes down or you accidentally remove the files from your hosting service. They will be permanently stored here as attachments.

That's all there is to it! If you have any questions, please post them here.
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