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How to quote multiple posts in one reply


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Feb 28, 2003
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If you are reading a thread and several post really trigger you so much that you just need to reply to all of them at once, don't worry...

All you have to do is click on the +Quote link in each post you want to quote. When you do, you will see that the + changes to a - in front of the word Quote. If you accidentally click the wrong one or just change your mind after a moment of calming reflection, just click it again and the - changes back to a +. The post will no longer be included with the others that are still triggering you.


Once you've decided you have all the necessary posts checked, scroll down to the bottom of the thread where you will see the reply box. At the bottom of that box you will see a button that says, "Insert Quotes", and that is exactly what it does when you click on it.


That will pop up a screen that lets you arrange the order of the quoted material


You can also remove quotes on the far right if you've decided they are no longer worthy of your response :-P When you are happy with the order and the posts to be included, just click the "Quote Messages" in the lower right corner and you will be taken to the message editor.

Notice that each quote starts and ends with the quote and /quote tags in square brackets. You can insert blank lines in front of the first quote if you want to type some introductory text, add blank lines between the end of the first and start of the second if you are responding to them separately, and then also type more after the end of the second (or tenth) quote. If one of the quotes is long, you can break it up into smaller pieces as explained here.


To make sure things will look right, just hit the Preview button in the lower right corner. If you want to attach images, just click the "Attach files" button.

If after hitting the Preview you are happy with how things look, then just click the "Post thread" button to submit your well reasoned and rational reply.

If for some reason you get distracted and forget to hit reply, you will find that a draft of your reply has been saved. If you wonder off to another section of the forum and view some other thread, if you scroll down to the bottom of the thread list you will see that there is already text in the editor box and it is the messages that you quoted previously. You can just highlight and clear the text if you want to post a reply to the new thread.