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How to use regional thread prefixes for your events


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Feb 28, 2003

:tab If you look at the list of threads in this forum, you will see that many of them have prefixes in front of the thread title. These are predefined prefixes that can be selected at the time you create the new thread. Immediately to the left of the thread title box is a drop down box showing the available prefixes.

:tab The benefit of the prefixes is that ALL events can now be seen in one forum at a glance without having to visit each regional subforum as before. However, if you only want to view events from one of the predefined regions, scroll down to the bottom of the thread list and there is a box called "Display Options". Please note the Prefix drop down list. Here you can select which region you wish to view events for, then hit the "Show Threads" and you will only see threads with that regional prefix. Note that "No Prefix" is an option and it will only show threads that do not have a prefix.

:tab I can add or change prefixes as needed or suggested.
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Feb 13, 2008
Great job, I just uploaded the track files to go with the pictures of my route. Will make it easier for people to see exactly what roads I road, where I made mistakes and had to turn around. ;-) Thanks for the work you do to make this a better sight.