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How to use the SPOILER tags to hide content in posts


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Feb 28, 2003
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The new forum software has a new BBCode tag called Spoiler. It is very simple to use and is perfect for threads discussion things like racing results or perhaps hiding an image so that people have to click on the spoiler tag to see the image. The button created is a simple toggle that opens and closes the hidden content.

You can manually type in the tags as follows,

[spoiler="This is the title they will see on the tag"]This is the content that will be hidden[/spoiler]

and this will be the result,

This is the content that will be hidden

Click on the spoiler button and the text inside will be revealed.

The other way to do it if you cannot remember the name for the BBcode is to use the "Insert" option next to the smilies button on the icon bar across the top of the editor box.


If all the icons on the bar are greyed out, look to the far right for the gold gear looking icon, that toggles between BBCode and WYSIWYG editing.


You can toggle back and forth as many times as you like. If the gear is gold, you are in the WYSIWYG mode. Click and you switch to BBCode mode and you can see all the icons become dark, so you can now click on them.

Now place your cursor in the editing box where you want the tag to appear, click the insert icon (just to right of smilie icon) and pick "Spoiler" from the list and enter your title,


Click the Continue button.

This is what will appear in your editing box where the cursor is located,

[SPOILER="This is the title that will appear on the spoiler button"][/SPOILER]

To complete the process, just place the content you want hidden between the tags,

[SPOILER="This is the title that will appear on the spoiler button"]This is the content that will be hidden.[/SPOILER]

and you get the same result as above,

This is the content that will be hidden.

If you have already typed a LOT of text or inserted images, you can just cut/paste the end tag to the end of your content. Just remember, everything you want hidden has to be between the opening tag and the closing tag.

You can do the same thing with images,

[spoiler="This is a hidden image"][ATTACH=full]48095[/ATTACH][/spoiler]


That's it!

Post here if you have any questions!