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I'd take a prayer or two if you have a minute to offer one.

May 22, 2013
Thorndale, tx
I look at EPH 3: 14-20 frequently and pray for God's filling with his Spirit so I know his will, and he certainly already knows my need. I'm praying this for you now. To Him who can do exceedingly more than we can ask or imagine; give the glory, claim healing and hang on for the ride.

Crew Chief

Forum Supporter
Nov 11, 2007
Rendon TX
I am late to the party, but I just prayed for you Crew Chief. That is scary stuff. Early in this thread, I think it was Tourmeister that said he would rather have cancer than dementia. As a cancer patient I agree with that. That sure is scary stuff.

Nice truck! I had to sell my 2014 Silverado last year since I am on unpaid sick leave, and I sure miss having a nice truck. Enjoy that beauty.
I'm terribly sorry to hear that you had to give up your truck. I hope I don't wind up in a similar situation. The other side of the coin is that while I'm upside down in the truck just by having driven it off the lot, the only money I have in it so far is for the bed mat. Ford even paid the taxes. If I do have to sell, I'll have to cough up a few bucks, but probably not more than the taxes and a regular down payment would have been anyway. I don't normally finance things, but in this case with the tax ramifications of withdrawing from an IRA, it seemed like the best way to go.

I don't know for certain that this will be a dementia diagnosis although it well could be. I know the initial diagnosis which has thankfully turned out to be wrong was a real bummer. For now it's an unknown neurological disorder with symptoms of minor lightheadedness/disorientation, mild speech impediment including using the wrong word at times and consistent headaches, which have been a drag, but aren't terrible. I've also had the physiological manifestation of anxiety without any actual mental angst. The last is not something I've ever dealt with before, but its a bear. It robs motivation a steals the joy from activities. Other than the speech, cognition has not been a particularly significant issue except for a couple to three weeks in August to September. I thought at the time I was having a stroke or something. I might have, but the symptoms and time line don't quite fit. There's not a lot that does fit unfortunately. Edit: I'm also fatigued quite a bit and that has been a problem for several years.

With you being on sick leave and me being retired, it seems we should have time to pray for ourselves and others. Seems like it might be a good use of the time.
Jun 13, 2014
I have enjoyed RC Senior for many years, have many of his books and audio/video lectures/sermons. It was a sad day when he passed away.

I grew up on RC Sproul in the back seat of our 12 passenger van. Did not care much for him at 10 but have come to love him and have many of his books. He was one of my pastor's seminary professors.

I use the Ligonier app which has renewing your mind both daily and archive that you can download. It also has all sorts of things all free. We also subscribe to the Table talk magazine from them for a short daily devotional. It is a big encouragement.