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Intruder 1400 dies when hot, starts back up just fine once cooled off.

Dec 30, 2005
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I have no experience with the Intruder line and very little experience with bikes that have self-adjusting valves like the VS1400...just to get that out of the way.

The owner says he thinks the bike has a stuck valve because it loses compression on one cylinder when hot, but starts back up just fine when cold.

Knowing some basics about how engines and valves work has this explanation really puzzling me because...well...that's not how engines and valves work. But I don't know a lot about the Intruder as said, or hydraulic valves. I'd like some other opinions on the matter, though.
Apr 26, 2006
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Seabrook, TX
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I am not familiar with Zook cruisers but it is likely to be a sticking valve.
Another possible cause: Some big V-twins have a decompression valve or a way to relieve compression a bit during startup. If that were to inadvertently activate, it could be a problem. Again, being unfamiliar with Intruders I don't know what activates it.

I wouldn't think anything with the hydraulic lifters would be doing this. It would have to be oil pressure so high it overcomes the valve spring force and lifts it off the seat.