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Iron Butt X Thousand rally announcement

Texas T

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Nov 7, 2004
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While January 1, 2020, is still months away, it’s already apparent that the dawn of the new decade will bring lots of change to the Long Distance Community. In case you’ve been in some remote corner of the world, we will see the last iteration of both the Mason Dixon 20/20 AND Team Strange’s Butt Lite. For all of us, that’s a huge change and change is hard.

In particular, this will negatively impact many riders who plan to someday ride a successful Iron Butt Rally. As we’ve seen over the years, those riders who have the best chance of earning their three digit number are those who have honed their rally skills doing a multi-day rally. Eliminating two prominent events means far fewer experienced rallyists.

You may be aware that in 2010 the five day Iron Butt 5000 was held, leaving from Denver and finishing in Spartanburg, SC. And as any participant will tell you, anyone who thought it was a beginner rally was sadly mistaken. It was a challenging rally and brought forth some of our most excellent riders.

Iron Butt staff has been mulling this over for most of this year, looking at options and discussing. And this is where we are:

We are pleased to announce the return of the Iron Butt X Thousand.

The X Thousand? Or should it be X000? Either way, we’re leaving it open so it might be the 5000, 6000 or 7000. Maybe even 8000. We don’t know and neither does Paul Tong (IBR finisher and Rallymaster of super popular Heart of Texas Rally and one of the founding members of the NIITWIT - the Not in it to Win it folks). That’s right, we’re thrilled to announce that Paul has agreed to run this show and what a show it will be.

So it’s quite a ways off and we won’t announce specifics just yet but plan on mid-2022. Usual timing, we’ll have the drawing in 2021 along with all the details you’ll need. And yes, there will be No Draw spots for the 2023 IBR.

Mike and Lisa
Sep 11, 2005
Spring Texas
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Sounds interesting. I’d like to try rallying but I’m GPS impaired and I like paper maps.

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