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Junction, TX ride report

Feb 4, 2009
Frisco, TX
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I went to Junction, Texas last weekend with a friend that was able to make the TAR. I wasn not able to too due to work related stuff. I was kicking my self.

So on to the report. If you have a big adventure bike the place is great. I took my F800GS and WR450F and didn't even bother pulling the WR450F off the truck (I even installed my long range tank).


My friend brought the riding guide that Richard put together and I have some disagreements on the difficulty of these roads. With the exception of the watercrossings, these road are as about as easy as they get.


On a side note though, make sure you bring tools. That place is thorn central. I picked a thorn up on my F800GS on Old Junction Road. We had a old willy jeep pull up full turkey hunters to provide moral support while I changed it.


Changing a front flat on F800GS is kinda a pain. The center stand does not balance the bike as well as one would hope. Though the beed broke very easy and replacing the tube was *very* easy, especially for on the trail.


A note about the water crossings. The watercrossings are a pain due to the fact many of them are concrete underneath and have a lining of algea on the top. When your tires hit the algea you will go straight down. I recommend you sit and not stand on the pegs for most these due algea. I did not see any algea on water crossings that were rock or had settiment on the bottom.

All, and all Junction is a good place to go get your skills up if you are a novice or hang out with friends. Don't expect anything very technical, like silt beads, or any real hill climbs.
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Apr 1, 2007
Terlingua Tx
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Glad you had a good trip.

I have a suggestion for trail flat fixes. I carry a length of 1X2 that I use as an emergency jack on the trail. I have only a side stand, so I wedge it under the swing arm for back tire repairs, and under a skid plate bolt for fronts.


You could do that in concert with your stand and keep the forks off the dirt if you wish. Even with the the back tire, side stand, and stick in place it was surprisingly stable. After all it still has three points of contact with the ground.