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K1600 Last Trip

Jul 15, 2015

The last tour in Sardinia - at some point it has to be over. From a total of 8 terabytes of raw material there were at least a dozen films with a total length of about 3 hours.
That should be enough to bring enough sun and nice memories into the winter season.
The entertaining departure already went online in June and can be found here:

Many thanks to the many videographers, the photographers and the pilots with the drones.
None of this would have been possible without you. Of course, travel planning "all-round carefree" is part of it. As long as Thomas "the Bear" organizes the hotels and Ralf "Hightower" keeps the overview in the front, you drive quite relaxed and take care of the best film settings. In the end you can rely on Hans "MacGyver", who routinely ensures that nobody gets lost and, if necessary, repairs are carried out with tools and strong hands.

Thanks to all fans of the K1600 worldwide. Your suggestions and mostly positive comments on YouTube are the motivation to spend a significant part of your free time in front of the iMac.
Special thanks to a retired sound engineer who is my hardest critic and who always challenges me anew and to the small group of quality assurance staff who eradicate even the last spelling mistakes and inappropriate maneuvers.

In this sense a healthy and successful 2020 and always remember:

Rubber below - plastic above (at least applies to the K1600)

Sir Arthur