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Killing Time - or how to appropriately accessorize an LD motorcycle.

Jun 28, 2019
Jaynes Station, AZ
Several years ago, I purchased the shirt that Bill Thweatt (IBA# 207) created some time ago with this image. He also made a fairly large vinyl 'decal' than many in the community have put on their bikes.

Recently, in an alternate universe (a.k.a. another forum), someone had asked about this, so me & a couple of other IBA slackers provided this individual with contact information for Bill.

When I went to search for the contact info (I had an email address and wasn't about to provide that via a public forum...), I did find his public FB page - along with the graphic.

Well, today my wife and I were stuck awaiting a piece of mail that required a signature. To kill a bit of time, I managed to clean up the image good enough for my wife to do this with her fancy, dancy, Cricut cutting machine.

There's a real nice spot on the back of the 'Wing that a 4" version of this would fit nicely. Rather than stark, brilliant white, for a first iteration, I went with a medium gray:


So, not my graphic, so I can't make 'em, sell 'em or anything else.

Crafty, huh? :rofl:

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Jul 6, 2004
Santa Fe, TX
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Nice! My wife does a lot of that kind of stuff as a hobby. I like the low contrast of dark on darker for this kind of thing. šŸ‘