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LD Riding resources

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Nov 7, 2004
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I'll pin this after I get it started. I would like for this to not be a discussion thread, but rather a resource for those new to LD riding or who wish to learn more about LD. Instead of adding more replies to this thread I'll just edit MY post as needed to add more things, but YOU can feel free to add more posts with more resources

1. The IBA itself: http://www.ironbutt.com/

2. And within those many pages is this tidbit, the Archive Of Wisdom: http://www.ironbutt.com/aow.cfm

3. Greg Rice, renown LD rider: http://www.gregrice.com/index.html

4. Tim Masterson is one of this year's speakers in Dallas: https://hardtxrider.blogspot.com/
Tim also has a number of good videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQNk-6JseGXXVQVFxGrjeLQ

5. LD riding in hot weather: http://www.ironbutt.com/ibmagazine/ironbutt_1002_62-66_Hot.pdf

6. I first became aware of Don Arthur at the 2012 IBA Meeting in Denver when he made this presentation on fatigue. I think one of his credentials is the former Surgeon General of the US Navy. I'm not sure on the title though. http://www.nmpcs.com/Don_Arthur/

7. Satellite tracking: the two big players in this field are SPOT and Garmin (inReach):

8. In order to make the best use of the above you want to use SpotWalla: https://spotwalla.com/ If you are currently using SpotWalla services and not paying for them, I highly recommend that you make a donation. Jason does this entirely out of pocket for the Moto community. Donation info can be found on his site. Although I send him $50 a year, a recommended dollar amount would be equal to one full tank of gas for your bike.

9. ldriders.com - If you join this and are relatively new to the LD riding community I *strongly* suggest that you lurk for a good period of time before jumping in; fools are not suffered lightly here, but you will find a WEALTH of riding information if you just take the time to dig through everything. You can find the archives going back to 2004 here: http://ibdone.org/mailman/private/ldrider_ibdone.org/

10. Want to know about upcoming rallies? Want to register for one? Jason Jonas of SpotWalla fame also created the Ride Master site: https://rides.jasonjonas.com/

11. The IBA Forum itself: https://forum.ironbutt.org/index.php

12. Basecamp training. It's several years old, but it's a good starter if you are new to the software: http://www.newenglandriders.org/GPS/Learn_BaseCamp_PC.pdf

13. For those of you who do Facebook: Here's a few group pages -
Long-Distance Motorcycle Endurance Rallying
Long Distance Motorcycle Riding
Motorcycle Tourer's Forum
iron butt motorcycle riders - closed group - ask to join

14. Apps:
http://bubblergps.com/ - for use with SpotWalla (Android)
http://rvtechtools.com/swconnect.html - for use with SpotWalla (Apple)

15. IBR related:

Lighting: everyone has their favorites, but a clear winner in terms of IBR rider adoption would be the various models from Clearwater:
I and others use Rigid:

I do request that we don't use this thread for discussion; just as a list of resources. I'll create another thread JUST for LD Riding Q&A

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