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Lewis Grocery in Hempstead...Old Place..New Owners

Cycledelic Relic

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Mar 5, 2008
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Where the road leads ya.... Or Waco
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My Aunt & I were driving from Waco to Spring today & since it was time for a "pit stop" I suggested ...That little local convience store just south of the vacant huge car dealership on TX6 @ 290 heading into Hempstead... AKA Lewis Grocery. That place has always had the bestest... most hugest sandwiches from their meat counter deli. I always stopped by on my way to or from the Art Car Parade in Houston held every May

WELL...They didn't disappoint!! I ordered a smoked turkey & swiss on rye that ended up being at least 3" thick with meat....& 2 slices of swiss + the veggies ta boot. My Aunt had the same size ...ala roast beef... Each sandwich was about $3.89 ...& We also each got a smoked sausage wrap for $2.49

They've got plenty of other selections ta chooze from too... & hand dipped Blue Bell!!!

A NOTE: The store changed owners within the last year with the new owners being..."not from round here". For those who are hesitant about such things
DON'T BE!!! These folks are doin business the exact same way as the longtime owners did. Keep any predjuices at bay....DO YOURSELF A FAVOR....stop in for a tasty sandwich & some sausage or ????? You won't be disappointed.