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Like a deer lease, but for motorcycles

Oct 10, 2012
Possum Kingdom Lake, TX
Just wondering aloud if there would be interest in an off-road motorcycle only ranch that sold memberships. Kinda like a seasonal deer lease, but for motorcycle ridin.

6 months out of the year. Jan - June.

4 days a week. Fridays - Mondays.

90 miles west of Ft Worth. 3.5 hours north of Austin.

1,000 acres of the roughest rocks, creeks, cedar, & prickly pear.

Camping allowed. Port A Potty’s.

Paid members only. Motorcycles only. No 4wheelers, UTVs, etc.

Any thoughts, specifically as to interest, number of memberships & pricing?


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Jun 11, 2006
Can I bring a guest? or 2? It's no fun and dangerous off-roading alone.

Is there AC power?

I bet 1000ac could easily accommodate 200 vehicles.
Maybe 500 memberships?

1/2 weeks and only 1/2 a year ... maybe a couple hundred bucks.
I'm on a fixed income ...
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Aug 15, 2006
There's places like that now, Zars, Cycleland, and Red River come to mind. Plus the huge track of land out west, Lubbock Trail Riders I believe. The 1/2 year and 1/2 week thing might not be advantageous. But if property is good and price is fair folks will pay to play. Texas just doesn't have any public land outside of SHNF which is closed more than open. Your location is too far for me and most folks in Houston to make on a regular basis.
May 25, 2005
Flower Mound, TX
I was a member of the East Texas Dirt Riders for a few years before we lost our lease. We had a year round lease on 900+ acres and lost it when the owner died and his wife didn't want motorcycles on it - she ended up leasing it as a hunting lease. Our club ran it along the lines of your proposal. For our case, we had full time access via a gate lock and code, but no facilities so there was no infrastructure cost. Memberships were limited to 50 families and were required to do trail maintenance work days plus dues. Land to the W of Fort Worth is very different so overgrowth prob isn't an issue so not sure how much work there would be. I think it would interesting. RRMT has become so overrun with ATVs and prices have gone way up over the years - ours had a no quad rule. RRMT's policy on paying membership plus access fees (incl non-riders) makes it a pretty significant cost. With the right waivers and a club that is the lessee, liability is manageable. Also, the number of members really depends on how actively you want to manage it. With a smaller group they can be more accountable to each other and you. If it's larger, you lose accountability and have to manage it more actively.


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Jul 31, 2010
Denton, TX
I'd be interested, dont know if we've got the population locally to make it worthwhile.. at least not on twt, as we skew to dual sport/adv/street riding. But there are a lot of dirt riders that aren't on here.

I would probably join and help on work days, etc.