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Looking for an inexpensive mirrorless camera

Oct 9, 2007
Far East DFW
So I'm traveling a bit for work, and potentially working some odd hours. I'm looking to get outdoors a little bit on my off time and thought maybe I'd try getting back into photography a little bit. Thought I'd look into seeing what's going on in the mirrorless world as they are fairly compact and I'm already traveling with too much stuff. I'd like to not spend a ton of money because there's also a good chance this thing might end up sitting around collecting dust. I don't mind used, also don't have to have the latest and greatest model, so something far from current that's on a deep clearance would work.

Did some searching and seems that drfood is enjoying the A6000 and I see some love for Olympus as well. I'm currently in the looking phase but would seriously look into a killer deal on a recommended camera.