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Lurker finally writing introduction

May 31, 2020
Austin County
Been lurking while and recently used the classified, so I figured I better start participating.

Been on motorcycles for about 5 years and enjoy working on them almost as much as riding them. Used to restore/race 60-70’s Fords. Now keeping my tractors and implements working. Intro instructions said to include pix so here it goes on the “Keeper” bikes:

09 - FLHP (HOOPT) – Bought just out of BRC. Bike and I had some learning to do together, one instance, after a while of being nervous and hesitation about slow speed maneuvers, found the head stock bearings bad. Fixing them made the bike feel 50% lighter. Bike is all good now and I installed a 110 kit with ported head, cams, etc. Re-did primary with updated compensator, clutch etc. Had the bottom end balanced and Timken bearing installed. Bike now makes 110p and 121 lb-ft torque.


14 - K1300S – Sheriff’s sale. I bought this bike to sell / part out (it was a smoking deal); however, after finding out a late 80’s LTD fuel pump is a drop-in replacement for the $300-$400 BMW pump, I got it running, took it for a ride, where it promptly scared the **** out of me (nanny saved me). I decided to keep it. It is a comfortable, easy bike to ride. I will have to admit it no way can I ride to its potential.
Fayette BMW.jpg

06 Rocket 3 – Big bike and fun. Loads of torque off idle. Need to keep focused at slow speeds and stops, especially with full tank of gas. I have exhaust and air intake to put on but have not got to it.

00 R1100RTP – The BMW lesson!!! I got this REALLY cheap as a non-runner. The Hall sensor was the non-running problem, but the BMW lesson came when getting parts. New HD take-off parts are all over Ebay, I figured BMW replacement parts would be same – (WRONG). I bought new-take off brake rotors for my FLHP @~$100 for all three. No take-off rotors to be found for BMW and all three cost me ~$300 – and that was after searching hard. Break My Wallet indeed. One other thing, I think BMW is a German acronym for Remove All Covers. Any repair seems to start with removing all covers and fairings for both this and the K1300.

13 FLTRU (REDAS) – When you need a road-sofa, what can I say. Plans are to add a 110 or better kit, but the oil prices must rise for job security first

Other bikes are the wife’s F3 Spyder, 2 v-rods and a Vulcan 900. We don’t ride the V-rods or Vulcan much and I have been toying with the idea of selling them to fund an adventure bike.
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