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M38A1, Sharkey, Jeff, and anyone else, comments please

Jan 14, 2013
Thanks again for the helpful tips and comments on the other post. It really helps to have critiques. I was hoping you guys, and anyone else who wants to join in, could share some thoughts with the following. By the way, M38, I tried to get more of the green in the window shot from the second window on the other thread but there is just not enough there to work with and there was no green in the upper part of the 3 panels only the lower panel. I think I have to shoot it again with "more" camera, it stretched the limits of "the little Fuji that could"!

Ok, I think I am getting a good handle on the B&W deal, here are two pics from a ride last Saturday in the AM (harsh light sucks but I didn't have a choice in that).

Photo A

Photo B

Ok, first question for the following, does the picture work for Photo C? Is the second version, Photo D, with the horse at the extreme left a better shot? I was patient with this one and had waited for the horse and plow to move closer to the tree. What say you guys?

Photo C

Photo D

Next, another comparison to help me with my composition. Which one works better for you? Also, should the sky be higher (meaning more sky) or less and really tight to the treetop? I included more foreground in one to get some different colors (earth tones) working but I am not sure if it helps or hurts the shot. Is the road ok in the first shot or is it better to have it begin higher up on the extreme left of the picture?
Photo E

Photo F

Next, this is a pic that I had thought of in B&W but tried a color version. Should I crop the bottom edge tighter to the building or does it work with the other "band" of lighter color at the bottom? I thought that by composing it with the peak off center it would draw some attention to the building that some people initially miss but then start moving their eyes up and down from the peak to the building. Any thoughts? I decided to center the building when composing and tossed out the rule of thirds on this one. I think I am fairly conservative in my composition but will take a chance and walk out on the wire without a net from time to time just for the fun of it.
Photo G

Speaking of walking out on the wire without a net, I decided to try something different with the following. Odd subjects deserve odd composition in my opinion, I was also trying to use the harsh light on the lower right to some sort of advantage. Here is the pic in color and B&W.
I would really appreciate your thoughts on this, in particular.
Photo H


Photo I

Seeing as how all of these are pics from over the last few months, I hope they can lead me to some sort of learning curve.

I have something especially for Jeff, who had mentioned about the direction of the road in the other post. Are these ones better, Jeff? Is that what you meant? Which one do you like better? I thought I would try two versions. Thanks!

Photo J

Photo K

Jeff S

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Feb 21, 2011
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A and B are great. I love how the mountains in B keep getting dimmer as they get further away. Such a sense of depth. I'd love a little more tone in the sky - you might shoot with a blue filter or maybe a polarizer for that...

I prefer C over D, not a strong preference there, though. Interesting how differently colored the mountain is in these two shots. Hmmmm, auto white-balance, I suppose? D's also less sharp in the foreground crops - which I like (C doesn't look real).

I prefer F over E. The tree's branches are backed by pure blue sky instead of trees and mountains which makes it cleaner and pop more. The road makes it all the way to the bottom edge of the frame in F, which gives me more of a feel that I'm on the road. I wish I were.

G: the building is dark on a dark background, so that'll never be the primary or probably even secondary subject. If you might have been able to go a long way to the left - that might have moved the house into the section of the mountain that's open field instead of forested. That might have made the building stand out. I like the land below the building.

I prefer H to I. The cool tone in the rocks and color of the back wall seem important here. Frankly, neither are my favorites of this series. Also, there's a very odd square sharpening or down-sizing artifact clearly visible in I - look in the gravel below the bone. It's in G also and high-texture areas in most of your shots. Might try to track that down.

I prefer K to J. And yeah, you nailed what I was saying earlier - the main line of the road pretty much point right to the top of the mountain peak. I like the wide crop, too, in K. Different color temp in these two, again I prefer K. F from above also uses the lines of the road really well, and they complement the curve of the trees in front of the mountain.

As always, just my 0.02 pesos. Fun to look at and think about, though!
Aug 7, 2003
Ft Worth, TX
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B is better than A. A needs more contrast and seems to miss a subject.

I like C better as there is some space for the horse. Both seem a bit bland.

I would have cropped the road and scrub brush in the bottom right out in E and F

I am really liking G. Composition is spot on I think and your eye begins to focus on the small brick square.

I got nothing for H & I. It doesn't interest me.

To me, photo k has my eyes following the road to the mountain.

Hopefully this helps. Not every photo is gonna be a keeper. I went on a nature photo tour class in Smokey Mountains and the number of shots I took on one subject was ludicrous and that was film.

What's your subject and how can I draw attention to the subject. To me, composition weighs more than a properly exposed image. As long as it is somewhat usable, you can always tweak it a bit in post process.

I hardly shoot stuff anymore especially nature stuff but try joining a local photo club and go out with them. You can learn some cool stuff.


Nov 28, 2006
North of Weird
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B over A for the leading lines B offers taking my eye into the image

C over D, but honestly I think both horse/people look like they've been photoshopped in. Too much clarity or fine sharpening? For me they stand out like sore thumbs

F over E for the road that leads you to the mountain instead of around a bend

G is OK with the crop

H/I - no preference

K over J for the wide perspective instead of just a big mtn top.

Like Jeff, my two pesos for what it's worth.

Edit to add afterwards:
On critiques like these, I try to NOT read the others comments before making my evaluations. The results are often interesting with that approach.
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Dec 25, 2005
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Anyone Else says, "good job. G's crop seems to crowd the mountain peak a little"