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Meetin the "Pie Goddess and Andrew" to ride in the Hill Country!!!

Dec 20, 2007
New Braunfels, TX
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OH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH......this ride was SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!! We headed out to meet up with the Pie Goddess....we all know who that is and for those of you who don't.....DUHHHHHHHHHHH...Mer and her Son Andrew.....(what a sweetie).....we were suppose to meet them at the Exxon at Hwy 71 and Hamilton Pool Road...where we could gas up...get our meet and greet hugs and gab alittle. We were nervous because we passed on of those REALLY Really FAST Silver bikes down the road apiece and didn't know if we missed her.....but alas....they pulled in and the fun was to begin......


Mer and her Son Andrew....


then it was time to head out on our Amazing Journey.....first stop was off 2147/402 at Dead Man's Hole....nothing to make a ride complete like some good ole history, chit-chat and just enjoying the heck out of new company...



and it amazes me that some people have to deface a historical site just for the fun of it......they placed a grate over the spot due to the longgggggggggggggggggg drop...protection for the public and someone decided that these large rocks should be there too....amazing....


then it was time for the professional photographers to get some pic's of the site....can't wait to see those....go Mer....go Andrew....go Greg!!!!!!

and we couldn't let our babies feel left out...so we lined them up for their photo shoot and then got ready to hit the road for this wonderful adventure.....


as we were leaving I liked the look of this Windmill and decided to add it to the report....


then it was back on the road.....we took 2147 to 281 thru Marble Falls to Park Road 4 so that we could see the Castle and stop at the rest stop for the shots of scenery, people taking pics of each other and chat some more....



at the rest stop....there was a scurry of activity with the photographers laying on the ground taking pic's of the little do-dad's on the bikes....plants....scenery.....people taking pic's of people taking pic's of people..People posing..I want to be a photographer when I grow up now...they made it look so easy...yeah right...LOL....can't wait to see them there shots Mer and Andrew......





well it was time to wave good-bye to this site and move on to the next....

so we headed out to Burnet to gas up then it was onto Oatmeal Texas.....They have an Oatmeal Festival Every Labor Day.....since were in Texas and they bar-b-que everything here....do ya think they bar-b-que Oatmeal....and what the heck would that taste like.....oh my.............

if you look real close you can see CruizinMom and Talvelo doing their part as Vana White Models pointing out the Oatmeal container....LOL

next the photographers are setting up and taking their pics...LOL


and this is where they bar-b-que that oatmeal I guess and the windmill at their bar-b-que site...LOL



then the babies again and couldn't resist getting a pic of Greg running to beat the timer so he could be in the shot...LOL


by this time all our tummies were grumbling so it was time to head to Blue Bonnet Cafe in Marble Falls for some lunch and PIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.....off we were down 1431 to 281 in Marble Falls......after lunch it was PIE time.....:eat:


Andrew got the Lemon Meringue....my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CruizinMom got the Chocolate Cream Pie....


Talvelo got the Chocolate Meringue.....


and the "Pie Goddess" .....Mer....got the Peanut Butter which came with Chocolate sauce to drizzle on it.....OH MY....


This was truly a wonderful day....what more could you ask for.....Great roads..thanks Greg.....Great conversation....great friends...old and new and mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....mmmmmmmmmmm...Pie!!!!!

After lunch we headed out in our own directions .....daydreaming....I know I was....of the fabulous day....knowing that this will definitely be the first of many more to come.......

at the end of the day....I got to ride home in a rain storm that lasted the last 50 miles of my ride but hey....it was my first and during it....I got the confidence to know that Bea and I could.....COULD achieve it all.....got a chuckle out of all the bikes that the gas stations...and I mean plural....that were pulled under the roof's so they wouldn't get wet and the riders huddled up by the building....did they think they would melt....LOL...I just waved and continued on my way home with the biggest grin on my face for a GREAT day and another achievement made with my bestest friend BEA!!!!!
Man life is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nov 7, 2006
On the road
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I really did not need to see those Pies early morning when there is nothing to eat here!!!:giveup:

Great report... I did get confused at first!!!...



But that was in Enumclaw, WA!!!

Be well... Ara & Spirit
Dec 20, 2007
New Braunfels, TX
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Didn't realize there was someone named that....LOL...it just call Mer that cause she loves pie so much.....but they were good looking pies....and they said they tasted great!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 25, 2007
New Braunfels, Tx
Randy has a Wing now..He has moved up or sideways which ever way you look at it..lol...Andrew must ride the XT for school in Austin all the time..


Jan 20, 2004
Plano, Texas
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Is Andrew still riding that XT? I was surprised not to see Randy's VTX in there anywhere.
Hey Sleepy....what's up? You heard from Wabbit lately? I haven't seen him around anywhere in awhile.

Yep...Andrew is still riding that XT. He really wanted an upgrade for awhile but decided with 75-80 mpg he was fine with it for awhile. He was having a blast on all the dirt and gravel roads us cruisers were struggling on. LOL

Randy didn't go on this trip (he stayed home with our daughter) but yes he did just get a Goldwing a few months ago. He's ready to ride long and far...We're heading up to "The Parkway NEXT weekend" I still can't get used to seeing him on that HUGE thing though!

We had a GREAT time on this trip though....the Hill Country folks sure know how to plan a GREAT ride!!:clap: :clap: