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SAN ANTONIO: Monthly Ride-to-Eat

It looks like the SA riders are not a big believers of getting together for a visit, any chance of a September get together????????

It's been too dang hot for that, and I haven't rode in 2 years. That's going to change, but it needs to not be 103 each day!!
If this cool weather holds, we'll have some eager riders!

Can't think of a suitable place right now.... the BBQ place in Sisterdale?
I’m showing 89% thunderstorms for Saturday. Anyone want to move it to the fourth Saturday? Only 20% chance of rain. 🤣🤣🤣
Glad to see y'all talking about this! I'll be back in town mid-October.
Wendy and I are out of town this weekend (relaxing in Utopia) so we won't make anything if scheduled. Here is our view from the small cabin we rented.

Soooo, are we going to challenge Thor (God of Thunder) Saturday or wait to take a shower next Saturday? 😇😁🤣

I'll be teaching noobs how to use a clutch this Saturday.

Next wknd (24sep) is still clear.

No telling what the weather will be like!
Has a date for Sept 24 and place been settled on, old grey haired fart would like to know, Thanks!!
I finally got my Can AM spider running after 7 years of not using it, Finally really retired now I want to RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I just to get the re st of my bikes running, am working on the ural gu carbs , then possibly the the guzzi. It is still hot in the barn to work on the bikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Both SpiritAtBay and beefsalad said they were free on the 24th (Sunday) but it’s looking wet. I think the 23rd (Saturday) is looking better as far as the weather. I’m good for either day and a buddy can join me on Sunday (weather pending).
Let's make a decision on Thursday. Really can't predict the weather more than 3 days out.