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Moto Adrenaline Tours - Motorcycle & Off-Road Tours


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Nov 16, 2004
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Bella Vista Arkansas
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Hey everyone,
My name is Jerry James. I am a long-term member of this site. I joined in Nov 2004 (18 years! wow!) My wife and I lived in Plano Texas for 15 years before pulling up stakes and moving to beautiful NW Arkansas. When we moved to Texas, I joined the site and have made many lifelong friends here. Hey Yeeha, Rob, Adan, Mark J, and too many more to name. One of the first times Jamie and I rode in Arkansas was due to the fact that Scott, the original Tourmeister told us we had to go. He knew we loved the sportier side of touring. He was right! We fell in love with Arkansas and now we call it home.

One of our favorite rides we loved to do was the famous Pie Runs. Fun times indeed.
A look back at some of the pie runs;
Moser's Run 2007
Ponder Pie Run 2008
Edom Pie Run 2010
Fairfield Pie Run 2016

I left my corporate gig with Home Depot and have decided to jump 100% into our business. So if you have any questions, comments, or feedback, shoot us a note.
Check out the website here: https://www.motoadrenalinetours.com


We will offer street and dual-sport rides. Check out the Arkansas Weekenders. These seem to be very popular.
Meet the team here: https://www.motoadrenalinetours.com/ourstory


We put on a Just For Fun event in April, every year called the Ozark Escape. It is a great way to kick off your riding season.
Check out the Ozark Escape here: https://www.motoadrenalinetours.com/ozarkescape2022


I know that many of you are familiar with our Blog and YouTube Channel. We have been writing ride reports since 2005, many that have been published on this site over the years.
You can read the blog here: https://motoadrenalinetours.blog
Jerry & Jamie 2UP is our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/JerryJames2up



We hope you all take a moment to stop by and check us out. Have a great week and Ride Safe!