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Motorcycle Bragging Rights - Brand Loyalty

May 16, 2008
Cougar Trap, TX
As lovers of motorcycles, we all have our favorite bikes and brands, and we all have accomplished feats we are proud of. This thread is designed to splash a little recognition on those who stand out as the most brand loyal. If you have owned X number of bike of a certain brand, you should post your arguement here why you should be considered Mr. Yamaha, Mr. Harley, Mr. Kawasaki, etc. This is intended in good fun, and a little good-natured bragging won't kill anyone (we is Texans, after all). Of course, we have to reply on the honor system. If you are called on it, please be prepared to prove your brand history with pics. ;-)

Several factors to consider when proclaiming your brand loyalty:
  • how many of a brand you have owned
  • over how long a span of years you've owned them
  • if you have owned other brands
  • if you were a racer for a certain brand
  • did you sell a certain brand
  • how many you own now
  • any brand tatoos
  • if you named any of your kids, dogs, or bulls after a brand or model bike
  • if your garage is decked out in brand banners and posters

As I'm sure you know, I am Mr. Suzuki, so I doubt that will be challenged, :trust: So, who is Mr. Kawasaki? Tim? Who is Mr. Ducati? Mr. BMW? Mr. Yamaha?
Mar 3, 2003
7600 feet up
Mr. Guzzi. :sun:

My first bike was a 1980 V50-II. That was in 1993.
Then I had a '73 Eldorado 850.
Then another V50-II.
For the last 10 years I've had my current Guzzi, a Y2K Quota 1100.
My wife's current ride is a 2000 Guzzi Jackal. I may have influenced her a bit. :lol2:

I've had 2 Ducatis, 2 BMWs, 2 Triumphs and a few other bikes but I started with Guzzi and it's still my favorite.

I have no tattoos, but the only one I've EVER considered getting is the modern style Guzzi eagle.


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Dec 19, 2007
this is sort of fun, but too many rules
i've had 6 hogs, 3 yamahas, 2 suzukis, 2 hondas, a BSA & a BMW.
still have 1 suzuki, 1 bmw & 1.5 yamahas

Red Brown

I am not married to any brand.

However, my criteria is reliability, cheap to maintain/parts, extensive dealer network support and modest in the initial purchase price.

These requirements will usually push me to the Japanese brands. I tend to favor Honda and Yamaha.

Jun 26, 2005
Longview, TX.
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As I'm sure you know, I am Mr. Suzuki, so I doubt that will be challenged, :trust:
I am not going to "challenge" you, but I own/have owned a few of the Red S's.

Currently in the garage are Miss Busa (02 Hayabusa) two DR650's, one Blue and one Yellow, a DR125L, and a water Suzuki, a DT15C (outboard motor) and 4 wheel Suzuki's include two XL7 and a Grand Vitara. My son has an Equator pickup, my daughter has an XL7 and my other son has a Grand Vitara.

My garage has three garage door size Suzuki MC posters on in it. My kids have been described as those Suzuki Kids. People have asked if when I get cut if little red S's come out instead of blood.

I had a DL1000 V Strom, a Suzuki Reno, 5 Grand Vitaras, a Suzuki Sidekick, an Esteem and a Swift and two Suzuki Outboard Motors, a DT150 and a DT200. My two son's first bike was a GS500.

I have worked for a Honda dealer, raced both Yamaha's and Kawasaki's, owned a Benelli, a Honda, a Kawasaki, a BMW, a couple Yamahas, a Bridgestone, and own now a 250 Ninja, and a 70 Lifan.

Does the above make me eligible for acceptance in the Mr. Suzuki run off?:lol2:
Oct 27, 2008
Frisco, TX
I'm pretty sure I could win the title of least brand loyal. I buy based on how a bike fits my needs, balanced with budget. I wouldn't buy or exclude a bike just because of brand. Both of the street bikes I've owned have been Suzukis, but not by any kind of planning. I've owned dirt bikes of every major color but orange.
Jan 11, 2008
Golden, TX
1 Lambretta, 2 Yamahas, 1 Benelli, 1 Kawasaki, 3 BSAs, 1 Triumph, 2 Hondas 1 BMW.

Currently I have 1 1967 BSA 441 and 1 1991 BMW R 100GS!

I'm partial to two-wheel'in fun!
Jul 21, 2008
Round Rock
ive owned a honda, kawasaki and a suzuki. the one brand i love and really want to own, is the one the stars never align for when i am bike shopping, a Triumph.
Dec 17, 2004
Something tells me Tim K. will win this with Kawasaki loyalty. He seems to like them old or new. Not a bad thing really.
Apr 17, 2010
Willis, TX
I've been all over, but favored Hondas recently:

Yamaha (2)
Kawasaki (2)
Triumph (1)
Honda (5)

This is over a decade of riding, never more than a year spent with any single bike besides the XS650 (3yrs), and always swapped brands except for the past 4 in a row Hondas. I have BMW, Harley and Honda shirts, but garage only has Honda paraphenalia.

No Suzukis ever, but have decided I'd really like an early '90s GSXR1100 after thumbing through some old cycle rags.

My family is funny...half of them are Kawi nuts, and the other half are all Harley "bikers".
Oct 29, 2009
Terrell, Tx
I've owned 1 Yamaha, 1 Honda, and 5 Suzukis. I tend to keep a bike for long periods and ride it until I've worn it out. That said I don't have a loyalty to any brand. I'll buy the brand that builds the bike that best suits my needs at the time I get ready to buy.
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Oct 4, 2009
Harmaston, TX
Honda - 6
Suzuki - 4
Yamaha - 4
Kawasaki - 1
Husqvarna - 1
KTM - 1

Above models span; enduro, MX, 2 wheeled ATV, cruiser, tourer, naked street, scooter, dual sport and scrambler.

My longevity award goes to Suzuki. Bought a brand new 1979 GS750EN, had it for 22 years. Sold to my brother-in-law and hope to buy it back from him someday soon.

If you only pick your bikes from one brand or type you're missing out on some fun.



Nov 17, 2003
Lago Vista, Texas
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I used to have no loyalty, but it seems I now have a streak of BMW's going. I have every intention of selling the Guzzi until I ride it again.
Oct 9, 2007
Far East DFW
I got called Mr Suzuki once myself. I was actually offended by the remark as I am not exactly brand loyal myself and go for whatever fits the bill. the problem though was my bike ownership list at the time...and my name of course which was stupid of me to do at the time.

Here's how it played out at the time....
1997 Katana 600 - first bike. wrecked it.
2000 CBR600F4 - loved it but it was stolen.
2001 GSX-R600 - almost bought another Honda, but since both 2001's were getting FI and I had to choose, I chose the one available in yellow. Not a brand loyalty decision or anything there. This too was stolen.
1989 Honda CB1 - owned for a very short period of time. Didn't like it at the time and I needed the cash for another opportunity that had popped up.
2001 Suzuki TL1000R - bought this wrecked bike from a friend and rebuilt it.
2004 Suzuki GSX-R600 - since I was on a suzuki board, another member wanted a TLR and I wanted a trackbike so a trade was worked out. not a brand loyal decision but my hanging out with Suzuki folks kept me in the brand.
1992 Suzuki Bandit 400 - a guy at work had this sitting in his garage and was offering it for a steal of a deal.

So there you have it, only one bike kept for any length of time that wasn't a Suzuki, all the rest. So what to do? What to do?

Oh ya, buy another Suzuki. I was actually shopping for an FZ1 when a deal on the DRZ400SM came up and I couldn't resist. Try as I might to get another brand, Suzuki kept pulling me back.

The DRZ was fun, but wasn't meeting my needs so back to the hunt for an FZ1...didn't want a Bandit, not my style really, sorry...and I found one.

The FZ1 was a bike I was so happy with that I was finally broken of the Suzuki loyalty I'd been seeming to show. In fact I was so happy that when the lady pulled out in front of me I had no idea what to replace it with. This is unusual because I usually have a ready list going but not this time. So, I decided to be MODEL LOYAL and buy another one and I don't regret it one bit.

Oh yea, still have the little bandit and my dirtbike is a KTM. I'm kind of loyal toward the KTM's because I like their machinery and they are set up out of the box more toward my type of riding...woods...than the Japanese counterparts that are more focused on MX racing. But again, it's mainly because it fits my current need and less of a loyalty thing.
Feb 14, 2006
Waco, Texas USA
First Name
None here

Honda CB350 (gone)
Honda CB650 (basket case)
Suzuki DRZ400S (current)
Suzuki DRZ400E (current)
Kawasaki ZRX1100R (current)
BMW R1150GSA (current)

Future wants

Some sort of KTM ideally with a dirt/SM setup
2010 Honda Phantom
Harley-Davidson FXDWG-I
2003+ Goldwing
Pre 2008 KLR
Yamaha FZ6
Jul 14, 2005
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BMW's and Triumph's are my main loyalty but I've had a lot bikes over the last 40 years. Never owned a Hodaka or Norton but almost everything else it seems. I raced Yamaha's, Maico's and CZ's offroad. Had a 66 Sportster XLCH but it was slower than my RD250. BTW, I rode my RD250 (brown tank model) from Lake Charles, LA to Colorado Springs and then up Pike's Peak. Very interesting trip.
Had a couple of lemons (Yamaha TX500 was one) but pretty well loved them all. Some, like the 441 Victor I loved more after I sold them but still have good memories.
I'd still like to have a Red Frame 400 CZ and a Guzzi in the garage. Alongside a nice '72-74' 400 Maico. And possibly a few more.
My favorite I suppose would have to have been my '78' R100RS. I put 300,000 miles on it over 15 years or so.
May 2, 2004
Great State of Texas
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2 Suzuki's and a Triumph.

Itching for a Harley lately. I'll ride anything with 2 wheels, it's always gonna be more fun than driving.


Jan 15, 2008
6 yamaha
3 suzuki
3 kawasaki
2 bmw
1 honda
1 norton

looks like i'm a yamaha guy, but i love bmw's, as well! they all have a special place in my heart.....
Mar 3, 2003
7600 feet up
I have every intention of selling the Guzzi until I ride it again.

The longer you keep it, the more you'll like it. Guzzi's are a long term relationship. It's not even broken in until it has 20-30K on it. The motor gets sweeter as time goes by. Keep racking up the miles and you'll soon be hooked! :-P
Oct 29, 2006
Bartonville, TX
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Like many others I can't claim any particular brand loyalty. Motorcycles today are all reliable and pretty well built. They all have enough speed to get you in trouble, but admittedly some are better than others depending on what trips your trigger.

I've had 3 BSAs, 1 Triumph, 2 Suzukis, 1 Montessa, 1 Gas Gas, 1 Royal Enfield, 1 Norton, 1 BMW, 1 Ducati, 1 Matchless, 3 Yamahas, 1 KTM, 1 Honda, and 1 Harley ( a 125 Hummer) and probably something that I have forgotten. Looking at the list, I can see that I need to get more.

My favorite was not the best of the bunch, just memorable, my Norton N15CS. I never should have sold it.

Pat McDonald


May 20, 2004
Austin, TX
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5 Honda
2 Suzuki

Almost on schedule. 8 bikes, 8 years of riding, but almost to 9th anniversary. What to get in Oct?
Jun 26, 2007
Moontgomery, Tx
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I have owned 75 bikes, mostly Honda's.
Five of the last six were Buell's. Last
Honda was 2006 919, before that a
1978 CBX in pristine condition. Honda
lost it's soul when Mr. Soichiro Honda
passed away. Eric gave his bikes the
soul back right before H-D pulled the
plug on his cool America Sport bikes.
Jun 16, 2005
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1970 JT1 60 Yamaha
1974 RD 250 Yamaha
1972 GT 750 Suzuki
1978 GT350 Jawa
1977 GS 750 Suzuki
1970 CT 90 Honda
1974 XL 350 Honda / Sidecar
1974 R90/6 BMW
1977 RD400 Yamaha
1976 TS 250 Suzuki
1980 GS 1000 Suzuki
1980 GN 400 Suzuki
1985 FT 500 Honda
2001 KLR 650 Kawasaki
2000 R1150GS BMW
1983 R100RS BMW
1997 F650 Funduro

Trials bikes
1974 TY 250 Yamaha- 2
1974 RL 250 Suzuki
1976 MAR 350 Ossa
1974 Sherpa –T 350 Bultaco
1981 Sherpa - T 350 Bultaco
1985 Trial 300 Fantic – Vintagetour is in possession of it now

This does not include bikes that I was part owner of, or bikes that I spent many hours on riding with Road Racing Endurance team's.

So that is
5 Yamaha
6 Suzuki
3 Hondas
1 Kawasaki
1 Jawa
1 Ossa
1 Fantic
2 Bultaco

Of those I still own three BMW's and one Honda that has been with me for over 30 years.
Hear in town my garage is referred to as the "BMW Service Center of Nacogdoches" So I guess most people would say I am loyal to the Mother Land.
I am not sure that is true, but when I start shopping for a bike It does seem that BMW has built a bike that will fill that purpose in a way I like better than the other brands. The thing is there is not a single brand new bike out there that I get excited about right now, no matter what brand it is.