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My First Pie Run.

Jun 16, 2008
Grand Prairie
Yesterday my Dad and I went on a 40 mi round trip ride. We live in Grand Prairie, he wanted me to stretch my street legs a bit, so bout' 4:30 we had kickstands up. We took some backroads and wound our way out by Joe Pool Lake. He told me from thew beginning we were gonna stop at The Oasis, which is a lil restaurant on the lake. It was packed so we kept cruzin. We soon crossed the bridges into Cedar Hill and i got my first "Pucker Factor".....My Zuk hit grooved pavement :eek2: so i was a little nervous but when it ended we came upon downtown Cedar Hill. Right at Beltline Rd. and Main St. We pull into where it looks to be just a Snocone stand. But next door is a place called Christophers Smokehouse and BBQ. My dad asks "Snocone or cold drink from the BBQ place." I say Cold drink so we go inside and we are ordering a nice cold glass of Sweet Tea. The owner ask is we would like to try some "World Famous Sweet Potato Pie". So my dad orders a slice and we sit down and cool off in the shade and enjoy a great peice of pie!! :clap: Then we get back on the road to Grand Prairie, encounter a retard in a Benz pull out in front of us....but other than that and grooved pavement it was a wonderful Sunday spent riding with my Father!