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My N. Ga., N. Carolina trip.

Apr 12, 2010
Tennessee Colony,Texas
Started out in Canton, my friend had to work till thurs and it was Mon, I took off and head quartered in Blairsville. Stayed at Seasons Inn right in the square. Went to Deals Gap via 28 and had fun. It poured down a couple of times that day.Went back to Canton Wed and we left thurs morning and ended up in Chimney Rock N. Carolina. Got a cabin, swam, did some whiskey drinking and relaxed. Next day went up to Chimney Rock, awesome. Left there and got on the Blue Ridge parkway south of Asheville. Most beautiful road I have ever been on. Had a to detour for a short way due to rock slide. You can have the Dragon all day if you want, but this route was Way better. Hwy 64 out of Hiawassi is one nice road also. Got turned around one day and had to ride dirt for 5-6 miles. Founds some dual sport guys.


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