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Nelson Rigg Rigg gear soft saddle bags


Nov 1, 2010
Village Mills, TX
They came packed flat, and when opened, needed the hard plastic insert installed. This was kinda tight, and hard to put in, but the second was easier. With the hard plastic installed, they took shape. I installed them on my cb500x, it had some $20 bag brackets on it. The brackets were better than i thought. Back to the bags! Ok, good mounting straps, with metal clips. Each bag has four point to tie them down. Very secure, and two large velcro straps over the seat.They come with inner storage bags with zipper closures. These are great, no need to take the soft bags off at night. Inner heavy duty pads rest on the bike, and no scratches on the bike. Seven days through AZ, Utah, CO, wind, rain, mud and sand, mostly on road, but we went through the remnants of a hurricane that hit NW Mexico. No problems at all. I would recommend these bags for any one who needs good storage, and solid great waterproof soft bags. Thanks Phil