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OBR ADV Gear ADV and Dual Sport Luggage

Are you shopping for a saddlebag system to fit your adventure rack. The OBR Explorer Saddlebag is now in stock. This system is truly the sum of its parts. It's weatherproof to keep all of your gear dry... It's modular so that you can remove the dry bag and take it into your tent, office, or hotel... It's super secure by using 1.5" straps integrated into its outer holster to hold your gear tight up against your bike... It's universal allowing you to utilize the mounting system that came with your brand of rack... and most of all this system, like all of our systems, comes with the OBR guarantee to get your gear there and back!

OBR ADV Gear Explorer Saddlebag System

Considering a "Rackless" luggage option ... look no further ... we have both 10l and 38l options. Our 10L Enduro is great for trail rides, shorter day trips, or for that crazy minimalist that likes to sleep in their riding gear. Our 38l ADV option is a bit more spacious for those extended weekend or longer trips and for those who actually like to sleep in a sleeping bag!

All OBR products are made right here in the USA

Attention all awesome OBR customers .... we will be on the road from 5/24-5/29, so we will be unable to ship orders within this window. Our store will still be accepting orders, so if you have items in your cart go ahead and slam that buy button ... we will ship all pending orders on the 30th when we get back in.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

I believe they reported 1700 riders

Wow. That is nuts. Great for vendors for sure, but I don't know that I would want to be around that many people. I have a strong hermit streak :-P
Wow. That is nuts. Great for vendors for sure, but I don't know that I would want to be around that many people. I have a strong hermit streak :-P

I do as well and typically like to avoid mass gatherings, but I will say this group was like minded and very well behaved ....
Great products, high quality and good value. I've been using your 3/4 Enduro Mitts for many years now when the temps dip. Easy on, easy off and they have held up great. I bought a tool roll also a year or so back and happy with that also.
Getting that time of year again ....