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Pie Run IV: The Creamery, Marshall, Tx. April 26th

Jun 3, 2007
Houston, TX
Just got home about an hour ago. Had a great time!! It was nice meeting new people and putting some faces with names. :)

Will post some pictures tomorrow.
Jun 26, 2003
Huntsville, Tx
I had a great time today w/ the old geezers. :haha: J/K ..... that's what they called themselves. :bigokay: to Phil "Pkiser" for leading us out there. It started out a bit chilly this morning. Even w/ my liner in my mesh jacket I was cold. I had to add the rain jacket later. Really glad I didn't have to use the rain jacket for real. The sun finally came out on the way home & I was able to shred some items.

Michelle, it was nice to finally meet you and see you again Dave (the Houston group). Looks like we got in about the same time. I logged in 365 miles today. Of course, we did stop for dinner in Trinity.

We had a nice turnout ..... not sure about the numbers ..... 30 something :shrug: A young lady from the local newspaper stopped in to talk to us about our Pie Run. She said her story will be online. I think it's http://www.marshallnewsmessenger.com/. Looks like we made the news again like in Hutto.

Got to see Tracker & Tehtank again. Didn't I just see you guys a couple of weekends ago. :scratch: It was nice to finally talk to Jessica "Ninjette" and Bill "pub610".

Will post up my pics later.
Feb 15, 2006
Mike from Conroe came up and joined 4 of us from Huntsville to go have some pie. We started the day off a lil on the chilly side but it ended up being a very nice day.:sun:

Due to our group having one old chubby guy on a SV1000N(insert name of old chubby guy here________) frequent stops were the order of the day. :-P I want to state clearly for the record that the SV is not quite the touring bike that the ole ST1300 was. I clocked in about 350 miles today and saw some very nice countryside. :giveup:

It was cool to meet some new people and get a chance to visit some face to face. Pkiser counted 38 bikes at the time he checked. The place was nice and full of riders.

I had a chance to talk to a local and he told me the young lady in a pigtail working behind the counter was the owners daughter and she makes all the pies for the place. She is gonna make some dude fat 'n happy someday. :eat:

All in all it was a hoot and I can't express how much fun it is to ride with friends and visit.

Here's a few pics--click to enlarge(yes the 1098 is worth clicking on,:clap: )







Jan 14, 2006
I am really sorry we missed you Chuck. I had so much fun. I have to say I was taking notes from Debbie on her riding skills. I hope I am that cool one day! BTW Great Pics Jack in Texas!
Feb 16, 2005
I have to admit that I have been out of the loop lately due to big changes on the home front (all good) so I didn't even know Saturday was the pie run.

Anyway, I had to run over to the lake house in east Texas Saturday, and on the way back to Dallas I passed through Mineola. I looked over and saw a BMW and Triumph sitting near East Texas Burger Co. I thought, Hmmm that looks like Rob and Jerry's. Sure enough there is Rob walking with Jamie near. I was already past them (too late to honk) so I drove on back to Dallas. That should have been my clue that a pie run was in progress.
Hope all had fun and a safe ride.
Jun 3, 2007
Houston, TX
Debbie - It was great meeting you guys too! Looking forward to seeing you all at the next run. :eat:

Here are my pics from yesterday. I'm not sure who all the bikes' owners are but I'll try to point out what I can.

I also wish I had had more time to chat with everyone there. Before I knew it time had passed and we needed to get going back to H-town. :doh: I will bombard more of you next time.

Luckily we didn't get hit with any rain but the morning was pretty dreary and the streets were wet. Dave and I met in Crosby to make the trip over. Here he is pulling in:

We high tailed it to Marshall so no on-the-way pics. When we got there the place was already filling up and it was only 12:30.

Lots of great bikes there:

Jack's (JackNTexas) new SV:

Ninjette's Ninja:

Beautiful job done on this VFR:

Sorry about the drool spot next to your bike. I couldn't help it. :drool:

Stroms!!! :borg:

Yep we had pie.

Dave had buttermilk (I think that's what this is.)

Ed had blackberry. Now this is how pie should be done!

I had keylime. It had.. deflated a bit. I poked it to make sure it wasn't trying to run off my plate.

I had a great time! Looking forward to the next pie run I make. :rider:
Feb 17, 2005
Had a great time. Got to meet some old friends and made some new ones. The burger I had was enormous :eek: but I still had pie :eat: Thanks to y'all who thought to bring their cameras, I always enjoy seeing the pics.


Forum Supporter
Dec 25, 2005
down in a holler, Catawba County, NC
Our ride began Friday night. Based on our past two get out of town Friday night experiences, I believe it's now impossible to leave the DFW metromess without adding at least an hour to your trip estimate. Heading northeast out of Plano, we hit stop and go traffic through Plano, Wylie and Lavon.

We stopped in Lone Oak at Jack's Burger Stand on Hwy 69 for a burger and fries. The squall line was just ahead of us and we hoped it would move further east ahead of us. Despite leaving within a few minutes of Laine getting out of school, it still put us at Bob Sandlin SP at 21:30. Somebody forgot to save us a campsite and they were full. I hate riding unfamiliar roads after dark, especially since it was getting cooler, fog was trying to form, and the roads were wet from earlier rains. I eyeballed a couple of spots as potential places to pitch a tent, but never saw a good place to get truly hidden from potential riff-raff and the night was dark as ink, which made it hard to scope out potential spots.

We eased into Pittsburg hoping to find a hotel, but the only one there was "full"--probably a blessing in disguise from the looks of it. We motored on down to Gilmer and found a place for the night.

Next morning, just as we opened the door to begin gearing up, there was a rumble and a 5 minute downpour. We waited it out, then hit the local fast food for a quick breakfast.

We decided to try and hit the back roads between Gilmer, Jefferson and Marshall. FM726 was a nice road, but the road stayed wet all the way to just north of Marshall, requiring a little extra caution. The countryside was an incredible green and the light rain on the warm asphalt made the air heavy with that musty, rain on hot asphalt smell.

My son and I.

Some of the featured fare. (The crawdads weren't bad, but the the corn was stale and overcooked. Blueberry Pie tasty, but thin on filling.)

The early crowd. Enjoyed meeting some new folks.

Laine & I decided to beeline it back on Hwy 80, which wasn't too bad of a ride, actually. However, FM205, which I think has been torn up in Rockwall going on 20 something years, is still torn up.
Apr 26, 2006
Seabrook, TX
Dave had buttermilk (I think that's what this is.)

Yep, buttermilk. Very tasty.:thumb:

I left the house before 0730 to meet Michelle in Crosby. It was raining lightly when I left the driveway. By the time I got north of I-10, the rain had stopped, but the roads were still wet. The west side of town was still getting pounded and heavy clouds in all directions looked threatening. The morning's radar image showed hope of relief to the north.

We departed the walmart parking lot around 0815 and made a beeline for 59 going out US90 to BW8. Our plan was to get north as quickly as possible to get into drier conditions. Once on 59, we just settled in for the long cruise.

We took our first rest stop near Corrigan. As we traveled further north, the temperature steadily dropped below 70 despite the sun showing through occasionally. With only my summer jacket on and a light vest underneath for insulation, I resorted to the active heating accoutrements the K-LT provided (okay, I wimped:giveup: ).

Our next stop was in Mt Enterprise for a splash of fuel where we then picked up FM315 to Carthage to get back on 59, taking us straight into Marshall. We arrived at The Creamery right around 1230.

We departed Marshall around 230pm and made only one stop in Diboll for fuel. We got off of 59 in Cleveland to avoid the compiling volume of trucks and cars which and road construction further down the highway we saw on our way up . 321 took us down to Dayton where Michelle and I parted ways. I took 146 back down to Seabrook, arriving back on my driveway just before 7pm.

It was great to visit with all the other Two Wheeled Texans. The diversity of machinery that showed up was amazing. :clap:
I think the 1098 and the Rockster were in competition for 'most photographed' and 'most drooled on' awards. Dang eurotrash! nothing but attention mongers.:mrgreen:

Great way to spend 500 miles. Thanks for the company Michelle.:rider:
Nov 16, 2004
Bella Vista Arkansas

The pie run was scheduled and we had talked about camping, so it was a natural match. We decided to head out to the Two Wheel Texans Pie Run in Marshall Texas on Saturday.

Rob, Jamie and I met at the Race Trac on legacy at 8AM. We were packed and ready to go get some pie and do some camping in Arkansas.


The Trophy is loaded down and ready to go.

We slabbed it down 80 with no issues. There was a lot of traffic, but it was fine. We rode to Mineola and stopped for breakfast at the La Waffalata. This is attached to the world famous East Texas Burger Company. I have to say that breakfast was awesome! I would tell you all to stop by and give it a try. It has a nice baseball theme as well. Very nice!


The bikes in front of the waffle place.


Rob & Jamie waiting for their breakfast.


This thing was outside and it kinda spooked me some. hehehe

We headed out after a great meal, the remaining miles to Marshall. It was a little over cast but very nice riding weather. We arrived at the pie location around 12:35PM. There were a few bikes already there. The remaining group showed up while we were eating our pie. We got to visit with a few old friends and meet some new ones as well. Like always the group of bikes were very different. there were cruisers, sport bikes, sport touring bike, big baggers and a group of scooters showed up. It is always one of my favorite things about these pie runs. I love that people get together and enjoy each other, without any concern on what type of bike you are riding. It is all about Two Wheels! I guess there was a reporter there from a local newspaper. My wife spoke with her for while and she took a bunch of pictures. Here is a link to the newspaper. The article is here: TWTEX Rolls into town.

I got to spend some time chatting with Debbie from the Houston area. I have talked with her a few times and she is always very pleasant and has a wonderful smile. I met her a few years ago on one of our Arkansas trips. She always has time to chat and rides a cool looking bike to boot. Glad to see you Deb!

I borrowed this from Michelle :) - Debbie and I chatting it up. See she is always smiling!


The gang is all here.


Pretty Bike!


Tracker and his son were part of the camping brigade for the weekend.


Motorcycle art - Jerry Style.


My beautiful wife - Love that smile!

Jamie had a few quotes in the article;

"It's just so much fun," Two-Wheeled Texan member Jamie James said. Mrs. James and her husband, Jerry, have been a part of the Two-Wheeled Texans for four years.

According to Mrs. James, brands and locations aren't important.

"There's no particular kind of bike here," she said. "Just people from all over who have almost nothing in common getting together and sharing that one thing (motorcycles) they do have in common and eating pie."

I think she covered it all. It is all about the hobby and the pie!


our pretty reporter asking questions. She was a very nice and seemed to enjoy the group.


The line for pie was a long one.


mmmmm pie!!

After the great pie we headed up north to do some camping in Mena. the weather was awesome. We had never rode up in that area of Texas and I have to say that it is very pretty. the trees were green and the sky blue. Life was good. We got up to the lodge around 4PM. We pitched our tents and relaxed some. Dave and Traci came up and had dinner with us.


The day was a good one.


Rob enjoying the nice roads


Home sweet home.

We met up with two couples at the lodge. One was riding a new Concours and the other a BMW RT. They had their wives with them and we chatted a little while. I know they live in the metroplex, but I have forgotten their names. We would love to ride with them in the future. We are always looking to ride with other 2-up couples. So if they read this, please contact us at jerry(underscore)_james@verizon.net we would love to get together for a ride.

The view from the lodge was awesome.



The weather had reported that we would get wet that evening while camping. It never happened. In fact Jamie and I were up around 3AM, and it was beautiful outside. We even looked skyward and tried to figure out what those shiny things were in the sky hehehe. The next morning however was a different story. it was WINDY and cold. I am so glad we brought all of our gear. We had breakfast and then loaded up the camp. It was cold, but not unbearable.


Jamie all bundled up.

We decided not to do the ridge as the weather looked bad. We made it down to Big Cedar before we stopped and put on the rain gear. We got rained on for the rest of the ride back to Plano. It was not a bad rain, just a steady down pour. All in all it was a nice trip. We camped, ate pie and met some nice people. 590 miles for the weekend. Life is good!


The bike was a mess when we got home.


Keeper of the Asylum
Feb 28, 2003
Great reports and pics! Glad to see everyone had a good time. I would have made it but had pressing business to attend on hundreds of miles away out in central Texas :trust: :flip:
Jun 26, 2003
Huntsville, Tx
My riding crew

Jack “JacknTexas”

Mike “mikeofcontex

Phil “pkiser”

Dave from Huntsville (not sure his user name)

The guys allowed me to lead the way into town to The Creamery since I had it in my GPS. Of course the local streets were tore up in some areas & very bumpy in others. Sorry guys :oops:

The parking was a bit hap hazzard so we didn't park up front

Some ate outdoors while others choose to get out of the brisk weather

Stopping off for a break in Alto. Hey, where did Mike sneak off to :scratch:

Oh, here he is

We stopped in Trinity for dinner but Mike decided to head home since he had a further ride onto Conroe

Dave being goofy on the Trinity bridge

Apr 22, 2008
Jefferson, TX
great!!!! PICS!!!! but I saw some of you for myself.. I was on errands to get gate hardware from Lowes in Marshall and we circled around looking for some people I knew but they weren't there YET and I didn't have time to wait as my workers where at home waiting for the supplies... I did see some good looking folks on some good looking bikes tho... I was the short fat granny on the white Burgman.. glad ya'll came I live up at Jefferson or Lake o Pines actually.. ya'll come back now ya hear!!