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Possible trip, AZ BDR, leg south of I-10

May 3, 2012
San Angelo, TX
I am thinking about riding the AZ BDR south of I-10 from south to north. There is a 3 mile deep sand section and I have been reading that some of the low crossings are a little washed out. I have not ridden this route before.

Anyone interested in going along?

Oh, and it will probably get near freezing at night and maybe rain some more.

Sounds fun, eh? :trust:
Oct 4, 2009
Harmaston, TX
...Anyone interested in going along?...
What bike are you riding?
When are you planning to ride it?
You realize that's not a very long section. Depending on how the BDR might zigzag only 1 or 1-1/2 days max. Considering it will be 1,000 miles to get there and 1,000 miles back, seems kinda short.

I'm not familar with the AZBDR route but I've ridden extensively all over that area on the big bike. Never found deep sand but maybe weather dependant.

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