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Quick Beach Run Houston/Clear Lake


Mike in Clear Lake

About 157 miles, starting in the Clear Lake area. Sorry, no map gif, as I trace these on onion skins from maps.

1. From Hwy 3 and FM2351, travel SW to Hwy 35. This takes you into Alvin.

2. From Alvin turn left onto Hwy 6. This will take you to I-45. To avoid the freeway, turn right and ride along the feeder till the 2nd entrance to I-45. Get on there, and you are only on the highway long enough to get over the bridge. Exit once you cross the water (you are now in Galveston) and stay on the feeder until 61st Street and turn right.

3. 61st Street until Seawall Blvd. Turn right onto Seawall Blvd and ride west until Freeport. Enjoy the beach ride.

4. Turn right on Hwy 332 and go over the bridge. Once over the bridge take Hwy 523 (Bus). This will take you towards Angleton.

5. Take a right on the Danbury-Liverpool road. This takes you through two small towns, Danbury and Liverpool. Danbury is a very picturesque and very small Texas town. Kids in the park with their mommies, nice FD and PD, etc. Liverpool further down the road also has a very nice park with a bayou. Looks swimmable, but not sure about what kind of critters are in the water.

6. Go through Liverpool until reaching 2917, turn left.

7. Turn right on Hwy 35. You are back at Alvin. Turn right on Hwy 528 and proceed towards Webster. Hwy 528 becomes Nasa Rd 1 once you crossover I-45. Stay on Nasa Rd 1, at Hwy 3 turn right and have a burger at Carlos' Beer Garden. You are about done with the ride.

8. After the burger proceed up Hwy 3 to FM 2351, ending at your start point.

Good morning ride for a few hours.