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Race anyway!

Aug 15, 2006
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Race Anyway: For Anyone Thinking About Giving Up

October 11, 2018
Jonathan Joiner


The thing about racing is this: it isn’t easy.

It isn’t for those who aren’t willing to toil day after day and work night after night for no better reason than to drive fast around a race track on the weekends.

It's tough.

Race anyway.

Hopefully, there will be wins, but racing is nothing more and nothing less than an unattainable dream, the chasing of which will drain every minute you have to offer and every second that you don’t. And often you’ll find yourself unprepared and short on time.

There will be a countless number of late nights and a multitude of long days with greasy hands, skinned knuckles, and sweaty brows. You'll swear often, even if you're not a cusser.

That's life.

Race anyway.

It’s a constantly-burning fire that will consume every dime you have to spare and every penny you can borrow, but that won’t be enough. Spend all you want, there will always be someone with more money and better equipment.

And, without a doubt, some people will question your sanity. They will tell you that you’re wasting your time and money. Sometimes you might even believe it yourself.

You aren't.

Race anyway.


It’s a never-ending passion that can take you to the highest of highs then leave you feeling the lowest of lows. It can produce joy and gratification that can just as easily and as quickly turn to anger and frustration.

If you're lucky, or good, or both, there will be wins, but either way, there will be just as many losses.

Probably more.

Race anyway.

You should know that this sport will demand from you just one thing: your all. Then it will ask you to give it more. You’ll give it everything you have to offer, and at times it will leave you with nothing in return but a spirit that is battered and a race car that is broken.

Put them back together.

And race anyway.

Because there will come a day when everything in the world is right and victory and the night is yours. They'll take your picture, give you a trophy, a cardboard check, and maybe even a little cash. You'll be the man, and you'll know it.

At some point before the night is over you’ll wonder if it can ever get better than this, and a part of you will know that it can’t. This was your moment and try as you might you may never experience anything quite like it again.

That's okay.

Race anyway.