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Road Conditions: 3 Sisters (specifically 335)


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Aug 25, 2017
Rode the 3 Sisters on Sunday. Nice ride but there's a fair amount of construction on 335 including a 300 yard section of loose / rough gravel that happens to be at the bottom of a hill and right after a slight turn if you are going northbound. It honestly surprised me a bit. The bike handled fine, but it was a bit surprising and I thought I'd share.

There were a lot of other areas with fresh patching / gravel on the road. In general, I'd rate the road condition on 335 as fair. It's still well worth the ride and I'd recommend it but just know that you might come across a bit of gravel in the corners and that one 300 yard section and it would be best to ride it a bit more conservative than normal. 336 and 337 seemed pretty normal except for that big dip on the cattle guard on 336 that will bottom out most street bikes with stock suspension if you don't slow down to the recommended 45.

Mods.... maybe I should have posted this elsewhere....but this is a popular enough road / route that I wanted to get the word out.