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Round Trip Denver to Vegas


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May 29, 2007
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Conroe, Tx
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Here is a list of points I would visit if I was planning a trip, starting from Denver Airport going on a Northern route to Vegas then back on Southern Route to Denver Airport:

1) St. Vrain Canyon west of Longmont. I love that road.
2) Rocky Mountain National Park
3) Eisenhower Tunnel
4) Vail Pass
5) Glenwood Canyon
6) Grand Mesa (if you have time, take the round trip to Lands End)
7) Dolores Canyon (Stay at the Gateway Resort, this is where all the Discovery Channel training classes take place)
8) Colorado National Monument
9) Arches National Park
10) Canyonland National Park
11) Grand Staircase - Esclante National Park
12) Bryce Canyon National Park
13) Grand Canyon - North Rim
14) Zion National Park
15) VEGAS - although I have to say, I am not enamored with Vegas, I am sympathetic to current condition
16) Hover Dam
17) Route 66 - Seligman (Angel Delgadillo's barbershop but really a gift shop, hopefully Angel will be there, he is a hoot!!!)
18) Grand Canyon - South Rim
19) The Meteor Crater - worlds best preserved meteor crater
20) Winslow Arizona - standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona
21) Four Corners - where four states meet (way overrated, don't go unless you just absolutely feel it is necessary)
22) Mesa Verde - very cool
23) Million Dollar Highway
24) Gunnison River/Black Canyon
25) Redstone - Restone Inn (I love this place and not a huge amount of folks know about it)
26) Aspen / Independence Pass (probably not as spectacular for folks from Switzerland, but we like it)
27) Salida and following the Arkansas River to Royal Gorge Bridge (use to be able to come in from the back and ride across, but not anymore)
28) Garden of the Gods

Attached are .gdb file showing the routing. The .gpx file won't load for some reason, it is only 2 MB and the limit is over 4. If you need the .gpx version, give me a shout.


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