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Russian on the Sisters

Feb 1, 2008
Austin, TX
Russian on the Sisters

Went with my buddy David to ride the Three Sisters. The first day we rode from Austin to Junction.


We rode west out of Austin on Hamilton Pool Road (RR 3238/FM 962). Nice road, beautiful day. Stopped by Packsaddle Mountain for some agua.

Through Llano and on into Mason - where we stopped at the Santos Taqueria for some hand made gorditas - mighty tasty.

Then we took HWY29 and RR2092 up through Menard. Love the roads out here.

And down to Fort McKavett.

This is one of the better preserved/restored western frontier forts in Texas. It’s run by the Texas Historical Commission.

When the fort was decommissioned in 1883 locals moved into the buildings - and toted off building stone, windows, etc for their own uses. The school on the fort was the community school until the 1950s.

This area is a big goat ranching area. A local company tried to make a go of selling canned goat meat as mutton in the 1920’s.

We camped at the Legends Inn in Junction. - $34/night - and I’ve stayed in places for over a hundred that aren’t half as nice - or half as clean. Highly recommended if you’re in the area - the folks running it are great and they even have rags in your room for cleaning your bike and gear. www.thelegendsinn.com

The next morning it was just at freezing, and a little frost on the seats.

We headed South out of Junction on 377 to do the Three Sisters loop and then we headed in to Fredericksburg for the night.

The South Llano River along 377 is just a gorgeous river

And the first twenty miles or so of 377 is a nice ride in itself

This is always a good sign - lots of roller coaster coming up.

We were rode counter-clockwise - so we started up on the Edwards plateau, and followed RR335 down off the plateau into the canyon of the Nueces River. Took RR337 over the hills from Nueces Canyon into the canyon of the Frio River. Then RR336 up and out of the Frio Canyon to the North.

The first Sister.

I don’t have a whole lot of pictures of the roads here - in the really nice sections there is no shoulder. So, I took pictures where there was some place to pull over. Like here.

Lots of fun up and down on 335.

The teeth clenching fear of imminent bloody death and the sun warmed it up by mid-morning.

Near Vance there’s someone who likes camels - there were at least 3 in this pasture.

We gassed up in Camp Wood then cut east on RR337 to climb over the divide between the Nueces and the Frio.

Up on top of the divide the view is amazing. I tried to get a panoramic shot of it - but this doesn’t do it justice.

We did a quick lunch in Leakey at the Bent Rim Grill - I didn’t get poisoned - but I’d skip it unless I was starving. Headed North out of town onto RR366 to run up the Frio Canyon.

The first ten miles or so of RR336 are amazing up and downhill twisties, then you come up onto the Edwards Plateau - nice views.

The last 20 miles or so are nice Ranch Road - no traffic, easy high speed 2 lane. We got to TX41 and turned east towards Fredericksburg. The Ural handled the Sisters just fine - I’m glad we did it on a Friday when the traffic was down - I don’t think we short stopped many folks poking along at Ural speed - but with so few places to safely pass in the twisty up and down I could see it being a problem if there was a lot of traffic.


I’m a sucker for a good windmill - so you have to look at this nice Aeromotor.

And finally, at the Frontier Inn in F’burg -

Great trip.
Go Ride!



Nov 28, 2006
North of Weird
That's always a fun ride, so thanks for bringing us along!

....and you've got quite the knack for taking pictures. :clap:

Jun 7, 2008
Round Rock Texas
According to a very good friend that knows the history of the area very well....the camels belong to the estate of the Shah of Iran. I wouldn't bet my life on it but I trust this gentleman and have never had a reason to question his vast knowledge of the area.

If you looked on the other side of the road you might have seen an elephant, several camels etc. but they are all metal sculptures. They are placed in the trees in such a way that they are very easy to miss.
I love that part of Texas.
Feb 25, 2004
Marquez, Tx.
Aeromotor 125 miles NE of Austin

Nice ride report and good photos. I noticed you said "I'm a sucker for a good windmill." Well that got me to thinking. We both like hacks and since you too like Aeromotor windmills, how would you like to get some good "exposure" to helping me reseal my pump (of coures after we pulled the sucker rod) and change the gearbox oil on my ten foot fan which is sitting on a forty foot tower? Of course lunch would be on me. And by the time we were through, you'd know a lot more about windmills. And maybe have a couple more good photos. It's just a though. Now you don't get an offer like that very often. Hardy