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San Antonio to Dallas, via Enchanted Rock

Mar 19, 2018
Waco, TX
Hi there,

I've built up three weeks off vacation time and want to spend it doing two things I love: biking and camping.

I'm planning to set off from San Antonio and head up to Dallas. I would ideally like to go via Enchanted Rock and camp for a couple of nights at one of these campgrounds: https://professionalcamping.com/best-enchanted-rock-camping/ and enjoy the scenery before carrying on to Dallas.

I've time-framed around June-July time but I would be flexible if necessary. I'm happy to go alone, but some company would make the trip more enjoyable!

I'm male, early 30s and would be happy for a riding partner of any age or gender!

If you're interested, PM me or reply to this thread.
Sep 2, 2016
San Juans
If you have the time, you could ride via the Lone Star Loop, created by our very own Jerrybo. :zen:

I've only done Bastrop to Camp Wood-ish so far. I plan to do from Camp Wood to ??? in April sometime.