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Say So Long ta Shorty's in Purmela...by Dec 31st

Mar 5, 2008
Where the road leads ya.... Or Waco
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While not an organized Ride ta Eat as such... I thought it might be a good thing ta post this info so if anyone might want ta stop by for one of the better burgers in the area....before theyre gone.....
& dont forget the huge pile of fresh cut fries....all for veeery reasonable prices
& pizza...& steaks..& fish...

Shorty's in Purmela on US84 at FM183/FM932
Lots a good roads all round too... paved goatpaths...gravel....& of course the FMs

Although the folks at Shortys said they would be closing at the end of the year...my hunch is that...once they close for Christmas...they wont be back
Better go soon....


The KC Burger w/fries
A nice sized patty..bacon..grilled onions..fresh jalepenos..& pepperjack cheeze on a toasty bun.....only $8.75

If enuff folks wanna get together for lunch...jus post up here & we'll try ta make it happen
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