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Scooter Season 2023 is open!

Apr 23, 2020
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Cedar Park, Texas, USA
IDK why we call this area "Maxi" scooters ... regular scooters (not "Maxi") are better IMHO!

But hey, just a reminder to all, as I discovered on Saturday, Scooter Season 2023 is open in Texas! Yeah, I know it's also the same as motorcycle riding season, but scooters are different.

You guys who love riding motorcycles as much as possible, you totally need a scooter in the stable. It's not a replacement for your motorcycle, but it's a replacement for your 4-wheel vehicle to turn mundane trips and errands into fun adventures.

Here's an example. I had to go pick up a pound of coffee from a coffee shop about two miles from the house Saturday. I'm not likely to go move cars around and pull one of the Triumphs out to go make this little trip, so normally I'd hop in the Jeep and do this. Mrs72 would have had no interest in going. But since it was glorious weather and mrs72 and I had scooters calling our names, she joined me and we were forced to plot a very scenic route to get there in order to avoid a half mile stretch of 65mph highway so we rolled through 30-45mph back roads about 6 or 7 miles there, even saw another suburban couple out on their scooters (he on a Honda Monkey, she on a 49cc Metropolitan). Then mrs72 got her nerve up to ride the half mile of 65mph road, where her scooter zipped right up near the speed limit and I was wringing my scoot's neck to get it up near 50 by the time I had to slow for the left turn back onto our neighborhood back road.

Here's the thing. This is an errand you would usually just forget. But scooters parked on our sidewalk turned it into an adventure and a story we can tell. The story continues from there after we got back into the neighborhood and elected to swap scooters and keep riding, just tooling around the neighborhood with no destination in mind, not wanting to get off the scooters yet. When's the last time you ran an errand to pick something up 2 miles away in your car and then decided when you got home just to keep on driving around the block a few times just to enjoy the feeling of being in your car?

Seriously, folks, a scooter or two will put joy into your life that you didn't know you were missing out on. And a modern 125-150cc scooter with EFI will get 100+mpg, has $40 tires and holds only one quart of oil, plus it has a built in top-box size trunk that'll carry home a day or two's worth of groceries or a new pair of shoes or whatever other stuff you need to go pick up. That's a lot less cost per mile than your 4-wheeler, and even less than half the cost per mile of your 500cc+ motorcycle. There are dozens of them for sale for under $2500 on FB/CL. Cheap fun, y'all!
Agreed about the title of this thread, and your "justification" for scooters; they are sure nimble and easy to operate for chores/fun. Down here though, it's Scooter Season all year long :rider:

It's really hard to go out and get on a scooter to go on a 10 minute errand ride when it's 104F outside. We had a horrible summer in CenTX for any kind of motorbike riding. The milder summer days can be scooter season, but really fall thru spring are the best times.

Also, when's the last time you went out on your 450 lb motorcycle for a 30 minute ride on suburban neighborhood streets and came home going "man! that was a blast!"?

As far as maxi-scooters go, you just lose most of what makes scooters great for motorcyclists when they are 350+ cc and 400+ lb. Sure, a maxi-scooter may be a great alternative to a full size motorcycle for those who don't dig the mechanical activity of shifting gears or who don't like putting their leg over a 30" high seat to get on and off. Maxi-scooters have their place, but IMHO they are much more a motorcycle replacement. A regular <200cc scooter is a car replacement for motorcyclists, at least on an errand-by-errand basis.

I mean, I can pick up either end of either of our scooters and pivot the whole bike while it's parked. I park on sidewalks and in bike racks all the time, nobody bats an eyelash. I can make a U-turn in 6 ft of space. If I have to cut across some grass in a park or ride 50 ft. down a sidewalk, nobody will complain. Try any of this with a Harley or a big ADV bike. I can actually get on the bike, start it, and ride to the mailbox, have the mail in my hand, quicker on the scooter than the time it takes to just get one of my 450 lb Triumphs out of the garage.
Everyone is different and this is a "subjective" versus an "objective" topic. For me, I find my Honda ADV 150 scooter a fun ride along with a lot of versatility. For example, I do use it for errands around town (New Braunfels) and short picnic rides to Canyon Lake but have also found the scooter easy to haul on a hitch carrier so have used it for long distance trips; this summer I rode an eleven day tour around New Foundland. I used to be a long distance touring rider but, as @mr72 mentioned about the 104F temperatures, life is easier to haul my ride to somewhere and leave the car while I ride an interesting area in pleasant weather. The year before I took my big bike, KTM 390 Adventure, to the Pacific Northwest which I used a trailer but a scooter on a hitch carrier is easier to park, store, etc.

My trip below:
I just returned from Vietnam. I was blown away by the number of scooters..I have been to Thailand and thought they had a lot of scooters but Vietnam takes the cake.
In Hanoi where i spent some time, one of my tour guides said the population was 10 million and there were over 6 million registered scooters. If you call a Grab (uber) they come on a scooter!
As a long time BMW rider with over 250,000 miles driven my switch to a Vespa 250GTVie has been an awesome riding experience. I had no idea riding a Vespa could be so much fun. Alot of smiles per mile....