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sherwood, tx

Dec 3, 2008
went to sherwood the other day to get a picture "tag" for another forum. i really expected the town to be barren. i stopped at the back side of the courthouse to take a couple pictures. i had ear plugs in but heard a voice behind me. i met a Mr Buck Bradford. he told me he went to school in sherwood, no school there now. he told me a few stories of when he was growing up in the area. and how the area declined when the railroad chose another route. i regret now that i didn't take a picture of mr bradford.

the night before and the morning of my ride i kept wondering if i should make the 240mi, one way, ride out to sherwood just to take a pic and participate in an online game. i had been off work for awhile and was about to go back to the grind so i decided to go. it was totally worth it. i met, and got to talk to, mr bradford. and also spoke to, didn't exchange names, with a fella that was restoring the depot in brady. i also got to experience other areas of tx that i have never seen.

it seems like the best days are the ones ya don't plan...

Feb 12, 2009
liberty hill, tx
When I started riding (in 1972), a group of us bought small DP 2 strokes & one of our routine loops around San Angelo includled Sherwood. The we found the trails at the lake, took the mirrors & tail lights off & quit riding the pavement. I was on a CT 175 Yamaha. The biggest bike in the group was a Suz TS 400. Thanks for the memory.
Is the Brady depot still an upscale (for Brady) restaurant?