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Shoei Neotec II (Small) Irving, TX

Led Duck

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Mar 7, 2012
I wanted to get a modular helmet and I found out the hard way that I do not have a Shoei head. I've worn this maybe a half dozen times for a couple hours at most. I bought the smaller interior padding and it is currently installed. Pinlock visor already installed. Comes with box, bag, and original interior padding. Had this for maybe 6 months and it's just sat in my closet. Great lid, but just hurts me to wear for more than 20 minutes.

$595 or trade for good quality firearms or good quality ammo (7.62, 5.56, .45 ACP, .40S&W, .357 Magnum, .357 Sig, 9MM)

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Only damage is couple North Texas bugs.
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