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Sold: 2005 YZ250 (DFW)

Apr 4, 2006
Arlington, TX
This is not your normal moto'd-out YZ250. This one has been setup from the start for riding in the woods and does a very good job at it. It has all of the goodies that you would want when riding a light weight bike through the woods.

The suspension has been redone by SMS for woods riding/racing and is fantastic. It can pick a line through a rock garden in 1st gear, or it can stay straight as an arrow through sand whoops in 4th gear. They did a great job with the suspension and it has spoiled me. The seals have been replaced with SKF seals and I have been very happy with them.

It has a Rekluse Z-Start Pro Clutch installed in the bike and it works flawlessly. It has a Scott's/Ohlins steering damper installed that really helps in the roots and rocks once you start to get a little winded. I have two seats for it, one has been cut down low and a gel-pad has been installed, and the other is a tall seat. Of course it has all of the normal goodies that come with a bike setup like this. Cycra handguards, skid plates, disc guard, seal savers, FMF Turbine Core spark arrestor, and so on....

Sure this bike is 12 years old, but if you know your YZ's you know that the 2005 and later bikes are the ones to look for. After owning this one for years, I know why these are the ones to look for.

No trades at this time please, I'm just trying to make some space in the garage. Please message me if you have any questions about this bike, or would like detailed pictures of anything in particular.

Price: $2500 Sold via Craigslist

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