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DAL/FTW: Sold 2012 BMW Z4 hardtop convertible

Mar 17, 2012
Howdy! Copying my CL add here selling my car. If it sells to one of you, or someone you share it with or who sees it here, PM me and 1% of sale price goes to TWT.

$18,500 errr now 16,500

More pics, VIN, details at link.



Selling my well cared for Z4. It is amazingly beautiful with the top up or down. It has almost every option except heated steering wheel and alcantara leather roof liner, I believe. It is garage kept and in extremely clean condition with all known defects listed. It has absolutely zero leaks underneath and no water leaks to the interior in rain or through a car wash. It was used as a daily driver and has many highway cross country trips on it. These days it just sits in the garage and I drive it to work one day per week to keep it fresh. The N20 engine combined with the ZF 8 speed transmission is perfect in this car. I can sustain 40mpg at 70mph with the cruise control on. Driving from Santa Barbara to Dallas with cruise set at 80mph I averaged 36.8mpg. I believe the factory numbers are 240hp and 260ft/lb of torque starting at around 1700 rpm. It is the nicest engine and transmission combination for sporty driving and economy. Currently has OE type Bridgestone Runflat Potenzas on the front and Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires on the rear. Drives perfectly. All maintenance performed.

Oil always changed with Castrol Synthetic Edge 0w40 and Mann HU816-z filter kit to meet BMW Longlife01 oil specification. Last changed 2/15/19
Recent battery replacement (with proper AGM battery) and battery replacement registered in car's software.
Instrument cluster configured to add digital speed readout, and iDrive configured to allow dvd player operation while driving (for the kids!)

Options include:
Premium Metallic paint option
Sport steering wheel with paddle shift
Heated seats
8way power adjustable seats (both)
auxillary usb/audio outlets
adaptive HID lighting (adjust up and down under braking/acceleration, and also aims lights into corners -- It's AMAZING on backroads)
Coral Red Leather interior with extended interior lighting package
iDrive navigation and information center
Premium 11-speaker audio
HD radio (I believe it is XM ready as well, but I never subscribed)

Completely keyless "Comfort Access" option. Just touch door handles to unlock or lock. Push button to start. There is a key slot, but that's only in case your key battery dies.

2 keys with backup keys. One only used to test a couple times is in new condition. The one I use daily is in excellent condition.

Adaptive M Suspension package -- This includes the electronically adjusted struts, wider rear tires over standard package, 18" wheels. It feels like it rides softer than the standard equipped cars in "comfort" mode, and it feels very stiff in "Sport" mode.

"Hot weather package" which I think is an upgraded radiator.

The center pass-through has a bag that attaches to it and a ski rack bar that goes inside the trunk. So, I guess, you could put your skis in there without getting the interior dirty? Probably not the right car for that, but you can do it.

Convertible top opens and closes smoothly with remote or by using the button.

I believe the car has the speed limiter removed (from the factory) and it has extra door jam labels showing how much tire pressure to use if you will be driving over 100 mph for extended periods of time. I think all of that is part of the suspension package or the "sport" package.

As for the "bad" there are really only two things. The push buttons to control the convertible top have the finish peeling a little bit; see the picture of the shifter and look in front of it. And somebody hit the trunk lid with a key or screwdriver and left a small scratch/indentation about 3-4mm long and less than a half a mm deep. I actually cannot take a picture that accurately shows it, it's that small. It bothers me because I tried so hard to keep the car perfect, so I notice it, but nobody else ever does.

Feel free to run carfax/autocheck, or whatever. Vehicle has been in zero accidents and has had nothing done to it except normal maintenance.

Vehicle has lien. A branch of my credit union is within a couple miles of me. They can confirm they hold the title and can rush deliver it.

Email me and I will give you my phone number so we can actually talk. Thanks for looking!
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