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Sold - Camera flashes for Canon cameras


May 20, 2004
Austin, TX
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I recently bought some studio grade flashes and a controller. I had 3 speedlights of another brand with a controller and I can kind of make them work together, but it would be easier to go with one brand. So I'm seeing if there is interest in my Yongnuo flashes. I have two YN600RT (like the Canon 600RT) and one YN-E3-RT controller. The RT system uses radio transmission to communicate between the controller on and flashes so you can fully control them when off the camera. You can still use the flash on camera too. I also have a YN568EX II flash. It doesn't have the RT functions built in, but I have a YNE3-RX receiver that connects to the hot shoe and lets it play with the other two. So from the controller on the camera you can fully control all three flashes. If you have ever wanted to get into multiple flash lighting, this is a great way to start.

I'm asking $225 for the lot. I have the original boxes, padded pouches and foot stands (so they can standalone). I'd rather not ship, but will if that's what it takes. I don't really want to split up the set either. Here's a link to the Yongnuo site if you want to look them up. There is a newer version of the 600RT listed, but the support info covers all models. https://yongnuousa.net

I'd be happy to demonstrate to anybody how to use them and I'd even set up my studio for some practice. With this and a inexpensive softbox you can do shots like this:


That's one main light with a softbox, one flash to the other side, lower power to slightly fill the shadows, and the third was behind, aimed at my daughter, to give definition around the head and hair.

And, I can even provide pictures of all of the flashes...
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