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AUSTIN: SOLD: Project Bike - 1980 Yamaha TT250 - $450

Sep 28, 2004
* SOLD *


This is a friend's bike. About 1-2 years ago we cleaned the carb, put a new air filter on it, cleaned out the gas tank, spark plug, new chain, etc and got it running. Never got it running perfect, but was enough to putter around the neighborhood -- tuning carbs isn't my strong suit, I think that's what kept it from running better. While we were at it we got a Baja Designs type light kit and had those working (when running -- no battery on these). Supertrapp style exhaust.

It's a good, honest project bike. Intention was to get it running and plate it for a fun runabout, but he's since had twins and time isn't exactly aplenty for him at this point :giveup:

Backstory is it was his father's bike and handed down to him. If there was ever a title it's been long lost, but he'll absolutely work with you if you want to title it and that speeds up the process.

He's asking $450. More pics on the CL ad - http://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/d/austin-1980-yamaha-tt250/6793148508.html

Feel free to PM me or contact him directly (via CL relay, or I can forward his info -- PM me) with any questions.

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