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SPF Jeep CJ7 1986


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Oct 20, 2010
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1986 Jeep CJ-7 (last year of the CJ)
176,101 odo

This Jeep lived north west of Austin for years under cover. I bought it and took it south. Only minor surface rust was on the floor boards under the roll bar there is no rust through on the tub. The frame is also solid. There are two small spots of rust one each side. The driver’s side near the “J” in the Jeep emblem and the passenger’s side near the rear of the door opening. The hood has a small spot of rust through on the passenger’s side. The windshield frame is rusted out on the lower left side. These are very minor and easy to fix.
I used this jeep mainly for hunting. It has not been plated since 2011. It has spent the last 5 years at my deer lease. I have verified that all lights work as they should, horn works, a new set of wiper blades and it should pass inspection. Yes it leaks yes it squeaks it is 32 years old.

AMC 258 Inline 6 (Smokes on start up.)
All pollution emissions control devices removed.
Weber Carburetor 32/36
Drive Train
Transmission: Borg-Warner T-176 4speed
Transfer case: Dana 300
Front Axle: Dana 30
Rear Axle: AMC 20 (3.31 gears)
Wheels: Weld forged aluminum
Tires: GroundHawg 2 radial 32” Mud Terrains, like new even the spare these have some age
Front seats are same color but not exact match
Rear seat is fold and tumble
Tilt steering wheel
Custom bumpers front and rear. These are super strong. You could hang the jeep in the air from any corner if you so desired. Rear tire carrier is hinged on a 1000 lb. trailer spindle and can support plenty of weight.
Painted with boat paint 10yrs ago. Interior painted with industrial non-skid paint.
Smitty-built winch 8000lb.
Hard Top (needs small repair on drivers side rear corner)and Doors (doors are white)
Soft doors and besttop soft top frame , but not the top

This Jeep was lifted 2” with Old Man Emu YJ springs. The front springs are longer and wider than the CJ springs resulting in a better ride. When I lifted it I chose the heavier springs for the hard top and winch.
This Jeep could be used for hunting, off-road or restoration. The title is a “Rebuilt Salvage Title”. I bought it this way. The fact that the tub and frame were void of any major rust was enough for me to look past the “Rebuilt Salvage Title”. The burning question: Why are you selling? I have multiple 4x4 vehicles and a new driver coming up. I need the space in my fleet and my current hunting situation doesn’t have the need for the Jeep that I had in the past.
Jeep prices are all over the place and subjective to seller and buyer. That said I’ll start at $5000.

New TWT price $4,000.
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Oct 20, 2010
Re: Jeep CJ7 1986

I am going to get the hard doors out of storage this week. I will then post it to craigslist and deal with the tire kickers and scammers.
Apr 21, 2017
Sugar Land
Re: Jeep CJ7 1986

I’ve seen and driven this CJ. It’s a solid Jeep with only very minor surface rust on the frame and a few small spots on the body needing attention. That is unusual.

It would have been my 2nd CJ so while not an expert, I’m knowledgeable enough to know It’s solid. Only needs some old fashioned elbow grease to clean up and be a 10k CJ. A project just wasn’t in the cards for me right now. Lots of extra parts.

Gary’s an honest and respectful guy.

Good luck selling.

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